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CR Academy: Halal Tourism Market Readiness Program (Level One)

Sep 2021

The Muslim travel market is expected to grow into a US$300 Billion industry by 2026. Regarded by many as one of the most rapidly growing segments of the travel industry, Halal travel is a market of possibilities. 

Leveraging on the potential of this thriving market may seem daunting to some, but we at CrescentRating believe in making the fundamentals of Halal tourism and Halal travel accessible to all.

CR Academy: Halal Tourism Market Readiness Program

CR Academy’s Halal Tourism Market Readiness Program is designed to equip professionals with a comprehensive understanding of the Muslim travel and lifestyle market. 

Fully online, our learning and accreditation programs allow for flexible self-directed learning, enabling you to learn at your own pace. Give your clients and consumers assurance in your Halal tourism expertise by getting certified at the end of the course. Create new opportunities as you network and collaborate with fellow professionals and industry stakeholders on our CrescentRating Certified Market Readiness Professionals Directory.

The program is an introductory course for professionals looking to upskill, create or improve on bespoke products and services for the Muslim travel market, explore the potential of Halal tourism, or simply looking to feed their curiosity. All are welcome.

What you will learn from the Halal Tourism Market Readiness Program

Before curating valuable products for the Muslim market, learn all about the fundamentals of Muslim travelers’ faith-based needs. The Halal Tourism Market Readiness Program answers  pertinent questions such as:

What is Halal tourism?

What is Halal meat?

When is Ramadan?

What prayer facilities do Muslims need?

How can I make my attraction / destination / hotel more Muslim-friendly?

There are three programs to choose from, with two programs offering slightly more specialized content for hotel and travel agency professionals:

  • Halal Tourism Market Readiness Program

  • Halal Tourism Market Readiness Program for Hotel Professionals

  • Halal Tourism Market Readiness Program for Travel Agency Professionals

You can expect to gain a fundamental understanding of the essential best practices and industry strategies to meet the key needs and concerns of Muslim travelers by the end of either of the three introductory programs.

Course structure 

The program is conducted fully online and consists of 19 video courses grouped into 8 modules. Students are granted a 3-month (90-days) access to the course upon enrolment. Enjoy the flexibility of studying at your own schedule through self-directed video-based learning, that should take about 2-4 hours to complete. Manage your learning progress with the self-assessment quizzes provided at the end of each module, and enhance your learning with the supplementary learning materials provided.  

Get certified in Halal tourism and connect with Halal travel stakeholders and professionals

Once you are done with the course, we recommend completing the certification exam to obtain a Certificate in Halal Tourism to endorse your competencies. Attract new Muslim travelers and enhance your career with your certified expertise that you can download and display on your Linkedin profile. 

For those who are confident in their knowledge of the Halal tourism market prior to enrolling in our introductory course, feel free to apply for the certification exam as a stand-alone. Upon passing the exam, you will still receive the perks of a Halal tourism certification with CrescentRating.

The exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions and you will be given up to 3 attempts within a 1-month period.

Once you have completed the certification exam, you will be listed on the exclusive CrescentRating Certified Market Readiness Professionals Directory. Gain access to a specialized network of industry experts, hotel and travel agency professionals, tourism boards and more, and find your next big project or venture in the Halal travel sphere.

This multi-billion dollar industry awaits you.

How do I sign up for the Halal Tourism Market Readiness Program?

Enrol yourself in the Halal Tourism Market Readiness Program by clicking here. The CrescentRating Market Readiness online learning courses are available anytime throughout the year. 

If you have any questions pertaining to the program or CR Academy and its other courses, learn more here or click here to contact us.

Quality training from the World’s Leading Authority on Halal Travel, CrescentRating

For all professionals looking to better target the growing Muslim Travel Market and be certified by the world’s leading authority on Halal Travel, CR Academy provides you with quality training and accreditation programs to better understand and serve the growing Muslim Travel Market. 

CR Academy’s Halal Tourism Market Readiness Program equips students with the foundational need-to-knows of the Halal Travel segment. It is the first level of the three-tiered CR Academy Competency Model. Professionals can advance themselves even further with CR Academy’s Sector Immersion (Level 2) and Executive Education (Level 3) courses, two specialized in-person courses for managers and service staff (Level 2) and directors, C-suite and senior managers (Level 3).

Unlock a world of opportunity and boost your market share by learning the ins and outs of the Muslim travel market today. Click here to begin.

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