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07 Feb 2024
Harnessing the Potential of Influencer Marketing: Optimizing Halal Travel through Strategic Collaboration with KOLs

The travel sector is undergoing remarkable changes, with halal travel gaining ground among discerning Muslim travelers seeking experiences consistent with their faith. At the same time, the field of influencer marketing, driven by key opinion le...

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02 Feb 2024
Building a Culture of Halal Travel Expertise: Integrating Training into B2B Operations

In today's ever-evolving travel landscape, catering to diverse cultural and religious preferences has become an essential aspect of the industry. Halal travel, specifically, denotes a growing market, emphasizing services aligned with Islamic pri...

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19 Jan 2024
Halal Travel Insights: The Role of Social Media in Shaping Halal Travel Trends

In the overblown travel industry, an emerging force is gaining traction: Halal travel, which is based on principles consistent with the Islamic faith. This dynamic is facilitated by the extensive influence of social media, which shapes and contr...

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27 Dec 2023
Minimizing Environmental Impact: Eco-friendly Initiatives for Halal Travel Businesses

In a span where consciousness about environmental impact is paramount, the intersection of sustainable practices and the growing halal travel industry emerges as a pivotal focal point. Halal travel, catering to Muslim travelers seeking cultural...

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13 Jun 2023
Opportunities for The Travel Industries to Help Muslim Travelers

Hajj and Umrah are sacred pilgrimages undertaken by millions of Muslims each year, presenting unique opportunities for the travel industry to cater to the needs of these religious travelers. As the preferences and expectations of Muslim traveler...

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05 Jun 2023
Women's Safety and Security During Hajj and Umrah

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, ensuring the safety and security of female pilgrims during Hajj and Umrah has become a paramount concern. Recognizing the importance of such issues, CrescentRating organized the Halal in Travel Global Summit...

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26 May 2023
The Importance of Education in Hajj and Umrah Preparation

The value of education in the Hajj and Umrah has received a great deal of attention in recent times. CrescentRating arranged the Halal in Travel Global Summit in 2022, and the event provided some insight into education's critical role in this ar...

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14 Aug 2022
Sustainability, Environment, and Better Services in Halal Tourism

The Landscape classification assesses Muslim travelers' comfort, safety, and ease of faith practices while traveling. These include any dress code requirements as well as hate crimes. Furthermore, climate facilitation offers a summary of technol...

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08 Aug 2022
GMTI Rankings: Access and Destination Communication for Muslim Tourists. 

Access is a powerful catalyst for tourism development. This metric takes into account land interconnection, air connectivity, visa requirements, and departure point transportation infrastructure. As per GMTI 2022, this year's land connectivity s...

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02 Aug 2022
GMTI 2022 Reports the Next Phase of Muslim Travel

We identified Halal Travel 2.0 in the GMTI 2019 report, which is now facilitated by technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR) in the GMTI 2022 report. Technology, social reforms, demograp...

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