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Advance your career & expertise in the Halal Travel market

For All Professionals looking to better target the growing Muslim Travel Market and be certified by the world’s leading authority on Halal Travel, CR Academy provides you with quality training and accreditation programs to better understand and serve the growing Muslim Travel Market.

Join our global experts in our comprehensive online and offline programs that will provide you with leading insights and accreditation on Halal Travel for all professional levels.

Whether you are a professional looking to advance your career, a manager targeting to increase customer growth and retention through service excellence, or aiming to improve your national competitiveness in new growth economies, CR Academy will enhance your knowledge and skills to better target Muslim travelers.

  • Learn from industry & academics experts
    Learn from industry & academics experts
  • Access online & offline learning programs
    Access online & offline learning programs
  • Get holistic & executive insights
    Get holistic & executive insights
  • Earn certification & accreditation
    Earn certification & accreditation

Halal Travel Education for all

Our goal is to be the leading education provider in Halal Travel for the global tourism industry by growing and inspiring professionals, services and destinations through quality training and accreditation programs on Halal Travel. This is based on our CR Academy Competency Model:

Select Your Program

Market Readiness

Gain a fundamental understanding of the Halal Travel market with our comprehensive online learning program and certification.

Sector Immersion

Increase your skills and competencies in specific segments of Halal travel with our market awareness and customer service training and accreditation program.

Executive Education

Get key insights and strategies from world-renowned experts on how to grow and innovate in the Halal travel industry for sustainable competitive advantage.

While the Sector Immersion in-house corporate programs can be conducted upon request by your organization, registration for the Executive Education program is only open during selected periods. However the Market Readiness Learning and Certification program can be taken at any time throughout the year.
Currently only the Market Readiness Learning Program is a fully online learning and certification program. More blended and mixed learning modes to include suitable online components will be introduced to the Sector Immersion and Executive Education programs to improve learning experience.
Certifications are available for all training programs and accredited by CrescentRating.
We highly encourage you to sign-up for the Market Readiness Certification Program once you have gained a good fundamental understanding from the online learning program. This will build your confidence and enable you to showcase your expertise to your stakeholders.
Unlike most customer service courses, the Sector Immersion program will train you on the skills and competencies you need to better serve the faith-based needs of the Muslim market in your service industry. Service sectors who undertake the Sector Immersion program to complement existing customer service training courses will equip their staff with greater customer empathy and see increased customer retention.
To gain a strong fundamental understanding of the needs of the Muslim travel market, we highly encourage all professionals to participate in the Market Readiness online learning program. Managers who also register for the Sector Immersion programs will also be able to understand the skills and competencies required of their service staff..
Our Sector Immersion programs include customized training. Tell us what you require and we will design a program to fit your organization's training requirements.


If you have any questions related to our programmes or application, we are here to help you.

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