Our Services will enable you to

Our Service Point 1

Understand and cater to
the Halal/Muslim travel market

Our Service Point 2

Evaluate your current offerings and build a strategic plan to target the Muslim travel market

Our Service Point 3

Build, adapt and benchmark your products and services

Our Service Point 4

Develop and rollout marketing programmes to connect with Muslim travellers

Our Experience

Since 2008, we have been enabling travel services & destinations across the globe to increase arrivals, sales and profitability by effectively connecting them with the Muslim traveller. Our in-depth understanding of the lifestyle, behaviour and specific needs of the Halal conscious traveller has enabled us to ensure our clients identify the right approach to effectively appeal to their hearts and minds and capture a significant share-of-wallet of this segment.

Our Service Categories

Training & Certification

Understanding the Muslim travel market is key to unlocking the opportunities it presents to all sectors of the travel industry. We have conducted workshops and training in more than 20 countries to help prepare businesses to unlock this potential. We offer extensive suite of workshops, training and certification programs in the following areas.

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Research & Consultancy

We offer comprehensive research for destinations, government agencies, tourism boards to understanda their current status and to develop a strategic plan. Our services also extend to facilitating their implementation.

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Product Development

Muslim travellers needs should be taken into account in product development. We help destinations and businesses to both adopt existing products as well as develop new products to help target this segment

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Rating & Accreditation

Crescent Rating is a globally recognized independent rating and accreditation service for Halal friendly travel services. Our ratings and accreditations are trusted by a growing audience of Halal conscious leisure and business travellers who rely on our insight to make travel decisions for themselves and their families.We help you evaluate your current offerings and provide unbiased strategic recommendations for improvements to better attract Halal conscious Muslim travellers. Our policies conform and adhere to high standards. We have rating services for hotels, restaurant, attractions, lifestyle (spa and wellness) and travel package.

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Destination Marketing

CrescentRating offers a full spectrum of resources for destinations to plan and implement their marketing strategy specifically targeting the Muslim consumer. Our services include strategy development and implementing marketing programmes.

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Who Can Benefit From Our Expertise?

  • Hotels

  • Travel Agents

  • Government Agencies

  • Spas and Wellness

  • Restaurants

  • Airports

  • Tourism boards

  • Cruises

  • Railway Stations

  • Airlines

  • Travel

  • Convention

  • Attractions

  • Shopping

  • Hospitals