As the world's leading authority on Halal and Muslim-friendly travel, CrescentRating’s goal is to help destinations and travel services benefit from the growth of the lucrative Muslim travel market.

Since 2009, we have been enabling a broad range of businesses and organizations across the globe to better connect with the Muslim traveler. Our in-depth understanding of the lifestyle, behaviour and specific needs of the Muslim traveler has enabled us to ensure our clients identify the right approach effectively appeal to the hearts and minds of the Muslim traveler and capture a significant share-of-wallet of this segment.

Become CrescentRating’s partner in developing this segment

By becoming a channel partner of CrescentRating, you can not only benefit financially, but also play an important role in raising the awareness of Muslim travelers across the globe. The partners working together with CrescentRating will offer our full range of services to the travel industry players in their territory.

Whether it is tourism board, a hotel chain, a travel agent, a mall operator, an airport, a restaurant, a hospital or a tourist attraction, we provide an array of services that enable them to evaluate their current offerings and build capabilities to better appeal to the Halal conscious Muslim traveler.

Our channel partner program is designed to support partners from a wide spectrum of backgrounds, including established business and individuals. We believe in working together with our partners and clients to create a strong and lasting relationship, so that all stakeholders can benefit from the growth in this sector.

Who can join CrescentRating’s Channel Partner Program:

  • Established Businesses/Organisations having a sound understanding of the travel industry and travel establishments in their territory

  • Individuals who have a keen interest to contribute to the growth of this sector

Channel Partners Tiers:

Referral Partner: Individuals who have good understanding of the Travel industry in their territory and keen to play a key role in developing the Muslim Travel market. Referral Partners will work on a “no commitment” basis and earn commissions for successful referrals.

Reseller Partner: Businesses/Organizations who have an in-depth understanding of the travel industry and establishments (Hotels, Travel agents, restaurants..) in their territory.

Marketing Agents are responsible for promotion, bringing leads and coordination of the delivery of CrescentRating’s services in the territory. The accredited staff of the Marketing Agent could also perform on-site auditing.

Marketing Agents work on a success based commission. They will also be able provide local services if required to be provided as a part of contracted services to a Client in the territory.

Marketing Agents for a region or a sector option is available for organizations, which can commit to targets.

Service Partner: Marketing Agents, who have been partners for more than 2 years and have proven record of achieved targets for the territory, can become exclusive Service Partners for the territory. Service partner will act as the CrescentRating representative in the territory. The partner will also coordinate the activity in the territory of Referral Agents and Marketing Agents to expand the scope of the coverage of the CrescentRating’s sales and marketing activities.

Benefits of CrescentRating’s Channel Partners Program include:

  • Highly competitive commission rates depending on the type of channel partner

  • Performance incentives based on outstanding achievements.

  • Ability to sell multiple services such as rating services, training and workshops, destination marketing, etc.

  • Training and certification from CrescentRating.

CrescentRating is actively seeking channel partners from following regions to expand its coverage:

EUROPE : Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Netherlands, Austria

North America : USA, Canada, Mexico

South America : Brazil, Argentina

Middle East : Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kuwait, Bahrain

Asia : Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Singapore, India, Indonesia

To learn more about the CrescentRating Channel Partners Program, please complete the online application.

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