Benefits of Getting a Hospital CrescentRated

  • Becoming a CrescentRated hospital lets the Muslim community know that the hospital understands the needs of Muslim patients and that it is capable of catering to their specific requirements. Based on the rating, the hospital will be able to earn the trust of the Muslim community and will be their preferred choice.

  • As CrescentRating is a globally-recognized independent rating standard which targets the Muslim community, patients will be assured that the services offered by the hospital have been independently and verified.

  • CrescentRated hospitals will be listed on our website, informing the Muslim community about what it can offer Muslim patients.

CrescentRating overview for Hospitals

  • With the CrescentRating rating system, it is possible to benchmark the services and facilities offered by the hospital to Muslim patients. The system rates the overall services of the hospital on a scale of one to seven, with seven being the highest rating.

  • For a hospital to get a CrescentRating, it must satisfy at least the very minimum level of requirements.

Some of the criteria used for rating

Hospitals are rated based on facilities and the services provided by the Hospital in the following areas:

  • Halal food services.

  • Salaath (Prayer) facilities.

  • Ramadhan (fasting) facilities.

  • Male/Female doctors/nurses availability for patients requiring privacy.

  • Option for Females patients to wear Islamicaly appropriate clothing.

  • Availability of Muslim Chaplain services.

  • Level of Halal based medications used.

  • Practices considered non-ethical in Islam.

CrescentRated Hospitals

Benefits to Hospital:

  • Will be listed on

  • All Muslim friendly services and facilities will be highlighted.

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