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27 Nov 2023
Understanding Halal as H.A.L.A.L. and How Halal Tourism Contributes to SDGs

In the global economy, the Halal tourism industry is leading a transformational journey to redefine conscious travel. Beyond religious adherence, Halal tourism represents a universal lifestyle that appeals to diverse consumers. By adopting a bro...

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16 Nov 2023
What Opportunities does Halal Entrepreneurship Have in Muslim-Friendly Tourism? | A Comprehensive Guide

In the global economy's dynamic landscape, the halal concept has transcended mere dietary preferences to embody a holistic lifestyle choice with universal resonance. The growing demand for halal products and Muslim-friendly services mirrors the ...

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08 Nov 2023
The Rising Influence of Muslim-Friendly Services in Non-Muslim Majority Countries

One of the major driving forces behind the increasing growth rate of halal products and services is the rising number of Muslim consumers globally, which is more than two billion at present. The inclusive nature of halal, which promotes quality,...

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19 Oct 2023
What Makes A Family-Friendly Muslim Travel? | A Comprehensive Guide

Imagine a family vacation where every member, from the youngest kid to the grandparents, finds joy and fulfillment in their travel experiences. Imagine a tour that seamlessly combines the beauty of Halal tourism with the warmth of family-friendl...

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