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What Makes A Family-Friendly Muslim Travel? | A Comprehensive Guide

Oct 2023

Imagine a family vacation where every member, from the youngest kid to the grandparents, finds joy and fulfillment in their travel experiences. Imagine a tour that seamlessly combines the beauty of Halal tourism with the warmth of family-friendly amenities. In this article, we unravel the concept of family-friendly Muslim travel, where faith meets fun and every traveler's heart is touched.


In the realm of the multifaceted travel industry, the tourism market has emerged with many offerings to cater to the needs and preferences of various communities. One of the segments of tourism with the most potential is Muslim-friendly tourism. According to the GMTI-2023 report, the industry is projected to grow to US$225 billion by 2028. Muslim-friendly tourism, often termed halal tourism, focuses on enhancing the travel experience of Muslim travelers while meeting their faith-based needs. However, there is a developing concept within Halal tourism that goes beyond the needs of solo travelers to cater to those of entire families. This article delves into family-oriented Muslim travel to provide an all-encompassing and culturally enriching experience to all family members.

What is Muslim-Friendly Tourism?

Muslim-friendly tourism is synonymous with halal tourism, where the Arabic word Halal means "permissible" or "lawful." By catering to the specific needs and preferences of Muslim travelers, halal tourism has become a niche within the travel industry. Different products and services offered in Muslim-friendly tourism are halal meals, prayer facilities, water-friendly washrooms, halal tour guides, halal entertainment and recreational activities, modest fashion, and other services that reflect Islamic values and adhere to halal standards. Terms like "Muslim travel," "Muslim-friendly travel," "Halal travel," and others are often used interchangeably to describe this market segment. For more details and to better understand the concept, please read our article, “What is Halal Tourism?”

Does Muslim-Friendly Tourism Meet Family Needs?

Muslim-friendly tourism, an extension of Halal tourism, serves as a comprehensive solution catering to the diverse needs of Muslim families during their travel experiences. This approach acknowledges that families encompass many members—including children, spouses, and extended family—and strives to accommodate their needs. It involves various essential elements to create a family-friendly environment.

Halal-centric Experience

Firstly, it centers the travel experience around Halal principles, ensuring access to Halal food, avoiding non-Halal activities, and providing prayer facilities (prayer timeqibla direction, etc.) to meet religious requirements.

Family Entertainment and Recreational Activities

Family-friendly Muslim travel offers family-oriented entertainment and recreational activities compliant with faith traditions. This element aims to strengthen family bonds and create lasting memories during a spiritual Family getaway.

Cultural and Spiritual Enhancement

Another unique trait of Muslim travel is the integration of cultural and spiritual enrichment into the travel experience. By offering visits to historical sites, mosques, and other opportunities to participate in local traditions, travelers can embark on a fulfilling spiritual journey as a part of their vacation.

Safety and Respect

Safety and respect are the most important aspects to consider in tailoring Muslim-friendly travel, especially when the market target is families. Muslim-friendly tourism should always prioritize the comfort and well-being of all travelers and their family members upon their visit.

Community and Shared Experience

Family-friendly Muslim Travel should foster community integration and shared experiences. This will encourage families to connect with the local community and create a sense of belonging, ensuring that the travel experience is not only enriching but also deeply fulfilling for all family members.

Meeting Children Needs

Catering to children's needs with family-friendly tourism is of utmost importance, and it involves several key considerations. These include separate pool areas, ensuring children have safe and age-appropriate spaces to enjoy aquatic activities. Furthermore, designated dining areas are essential to offer families with children a comfortable and accommodating meal environment. Moreover, child-sized furnishings in rooms, including furniture and amenities, are designed to enhance children's comfort during their stay.

To strike a balance between cultural experiences and outdoor adventures, family-friendly tourism incorporates indoor activities that cater to parents' relaxation and outdoor activities to meet children's need for physical engagement, creating a well-rounded and enjoyable travel experience for the entire family.

What Makes Family-Friendly Muslim Travel?

Family-friendly Muslim travel can be defined as an environment or piece of content that is family-friendly and meets both the religious needs of Muslim visitors and their desire to spend quality time together as a group while also experiencing new places and cultures. Halal-centric services, cultural immersion, security measures, digital accessibility, and community engagement are just some of the features of this unique travel concept. In addition, it is crucial to pay close attention to the special needs of kids, given that the ingredients for a successful family vacation include something for family members of all ages to enjoy.

The illustration above depicts a conceptual framework for creating "Family-Friendly Muslim Travel." It showcases a two-funnel system as such:

  1. The first funnel represents the customization of various forms of tourism, including eco, educational, sports, adventure, medical, sustainable, and other tourism, to meet family-friendly criteria.
  2. The second funnel symbolizes the further customization of these family-friendly tourism products to cater to the faith-based needs of Muslim travelers, thereby rendering them "Muslim-Friendly."

These two parallel processes culminate in synthesizing "Family-Friendly Muslim Travel," which offers a unique and specialized travel experience that accommodates family-centric and religious requirements for Muslim families. This framework illustrates how the intersection of family-friendly and Muslim-friendly principles creates a distinct and highly specialized niche within the broader tourism industry.

The Potential of Family-Friendly Muslim Travel

Family-friendly Muslim travel is a transformative opportunity for travelers and the global tourism industry. According to Mastercard and CrescentRating (2023), the global Muslim travel market had 110 million travelers in 2022 and is expected to grow to 160 million by 2024 and 230 million by 2028. This huge and growing market comprises a large part of the global travel community. The figure below illustrates some potential advantages of family-friendly Muslim travel.

Market Growth

Market growth is one of the benefits of this evolving concept. Muslim families often travel together and look for halal food, prayer facilities, and culturally appropriate accommodations.

Enhanced Guest Loyalty

Destinations can attract loyal and growing customers and generate significant revenue by offering specialized services to meet these needs. Importantly, family-friendly Muslim travel boosts guest loyalty. Muslims are more likely to return for future vacations if their destination meets their faith and family needs. This boosts the travel industry and makes these families advocate for destinations that meet their needs.

Economic Impact

Consider the economic ripple effect. Muslim families stay longer and spend more on lodging, dining, and activities. This economic activity benefits local restaurants, shops, and service providers, as well as tourism.

Cultural Exchange

The family-friendly concept of Muslim travel promotes cultural exchange and practical amenities. Travel allows travelers and locals to understand and respect each other. Destinations that actively promote cultural exchange can foster cross-cultural awareness and tolerance.

Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism includes family-friendly Muslim travel. Destinations can promote eco-tourism by offering culturally and environmentally sensitive experiences. This ethical and environmentally friendly approach attracts more eco-conscious travelers.

Innovation and Investment

As demand for family-friendly Muslim travel rises, innovation and investment may increase. This innovation includes family-friendly accommodations, attractions, dining, and services, improving the travel experience for Muslim families and all travelers.

Diverse Destinations

Additionally, this concept can diversify travel destinations. While traditional tourist hotspots remain popular, Muslim families seeking unique and enriching experiences may find other regions appealing. Diversification can revitalize local economies and introduce tourists to lesser-known but equally captivating destinations.

Inclusivity and Social Impact

Inclusivity and social impact are key to family-friendly Muslim travel. Destinations that embrace this concept show their dedication to giving all visitors memorable experiences, regardless of faith or family size. This makes travel more inclusive and sends a powerful message of unity in a diverse world.

The growth of family-friendly Muslim travel shows the tourism industry's adaptability and inclusivity. It promises a bright future where families of all backgrounds can make memories and build a more compassionate world. With its potential for market growth, economic impact, cultural exchange, and social impact, this concept is a transformation that benefits travelers and destinations, making travel more diverse, accessible, and rewarding.


In conclusion, the emergence of family-friendly Muslim travel represents a noteworthy advancement within Halal tourism and the global travel industry. By catering to the requirements of Muslim families and facilitating enjoyable experiences for all family members, it enhances the overall travel experience. It plays a significant role in fostering the development of the tourism industry, thereby expanding the possibilities for travelers worldwide. Family-friendly Muslim travel offers a promising and rewarding experience for Muslim families searching for an ideal vacation or destination aiming to attract this specific market segment.

For a broader insight into the Halal Travel Market, please check out the Mastercard-CrescentRating Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) 2023 on this link here!



Md Siddique E Azam
Ph.D. in Halal Industry Management
International Institute for Halal Research and Training (INHART), IIUM

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