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Shamilka Rasheed

Writer for CrescentRating

Shamilka is a writer with experience in writing articles and research material related to the Musim travel market. She has written a number of Muslim travel articles - including many for the CrescentRating and HalalTrip websites.

20 Mar 2018
Halal in Travel MIHAS 2018

The Halal in Travel summit by Crescentrating is set to make an impact at MIHAS 2018 which is among the most prominent travel trade exhibitions for leaders in the Halal travel industry. This major event will be held from April 4th to April 7t...

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07 Mar 2018
Catch Halal in Travel conference at ITB Berlin this March!

One of the major travel events from Crescentrating, Halal In Travel is set to be launched in Europe for the very first time at ITB Berlin 2018 in Berlin, Germany. ITB Berlin is also the largest tourism trade fair in the world, and this much a...

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08 Feb 2018
Content Discovery by Muslim Millennial Travelers

Image credit - www.marketing-interactive.com With the Muslim millennial traveler market constantly evolving and pushing for digital transformation in the online world, another key trend to be observed is the higher demand for seamless conten...

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01 Feb 2018
Authenticating Halal Assurance

The Halal Travel Frontier 2018 is the latest report from CrescentRating that features the top key trends that are set to take place in the Halal travel industry this year. These trends are of particular interest as they will play an important ro...

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05 Feb 2018
Talent Development in Halal Travel

The latest report from CrescentRating – the Halal Travel Frontier 2018, focuses on the main trends in the Muslim travel market that will create significant changes in the Halal travel industry. Among these key trends will be the focus on talen...

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26 Jan 2018
Asia to Lead in Halal Travel

According to the latest Halal Travel Frontier 2018 report from CrescentRating that focuses on this year’s key travel trends, Asia is set to take the spotlight in Halal travel. Driven by innovation, Asia will progress even further in Halal tour...

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24 Jan 2018
Digital Muslim Travel Space Development

A significant increase in Halal digital economy initiatives into the Muslim travel market has resulted in massive changes in the online world, with Muslim millennial travelers as a primary driving force. The latest report from CrescentRating –...

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24 Jan 2018
Rise of Muslim Female Travelers

The latest report from CrescentRating, the Halal Travel Frontier 2018 highlights the travel trends that will be observed in the Halal travel industry for this current year. One of the top trends includes the continued rise of female Muslim mille...

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26 Dec 2016
Accommodation Preferences of Muslim Travelers - Muslim Business Traveler Insights

The Muslim Business Traveler Insights 2016 (MBTI) is a report presented by CrescentRating and Mastercard that focuses on the travel patterns and preferences of the average Muslim business traveler. The MBTI 2016 report goes to show that Muslim b...

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21 Dec 2016
Performing Prayers Onboard The Plane - Muslim Business Traveler Insights

When referring to the research presented in the Muslim Business Traveler Insights 2016 (MBTI 2016) report by CrescentRating and Mastercard, the travel patterns of the average Muslim business traveler is similar to that of regular business travel...

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15 Dec 2016
Travel Patterns and Behavior of Travelers Onboard the Plane - Muslim Business Traveler Insights

Just like any business traveler flying to different destinations for business purposes – the average Muslim business traveler will also have their own travelling preferences. The travel patterns and behaviour of the average Muslim business tra...

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14 Dec 2016
What Do Travelers Require at Airports - Muslim Business Traveler Insights

It is common for any frequent business traveler to spend a portion of their time in airports – and for the average Muslim business traveler, it is no different. However, the Muslim Business Traveler Insights 2016 (MBTI 2016) - a joint report ...

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07 Dec 2016
Trip Planning by Muslim Travelers - Muslim Business Traveler Insights

Travel planning by a Muslim business traveler comprises a number of different aspects. An important factor of the average Muslim business traveler's planning is locating suitable accommodation to cater to their needs. Halal facilities and dinin...

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02 Dec 2016
Key Reasons and Concerns When Planning a Business Trip - Muslim Business Traveler Insights

Muslim Business Traveler Insights 2016 released by CrescentRating and Mastercard – the first-ever detailed report examining the travel trends and attitudes of a sub-segment of the growing Muslim travel market – focuses on the travel behavior...

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