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Trip Planning by Muslim Travelers - Muslim Business Traveler Insights

Dec 2016

Travel planning by a Muslim business traveler comprises a number of different aspects. An important factor of the average Muslim business traveler's planning is locating suitable accommodation to cater to their needs. Halal facilities and dining options need to be easily accessible, and convenient prayer facilities or easy access to mosques are also important. The Muslim Business Traveler Insights 2016 (MBTI 2016) - a joint report by CrescentRating and Mastercard - takes a closer look at the aspects of travel planning for a Muslim traveler.


How Do Muslim Travelers Gather Travel Information?

The Muslim Business Traveler Insights 2016 states that the internet has played a significant role in helping Muslim business travelers gather more travel information easily.
With the improvements in technology such as helpful apps, websites and engaging internet forums - the research has shown that 88 percent of Muslims traveling for business refer and depend on online resources. Online searches for hotels with Halal amenities or Halal restaurants around the world will often bring up Muslim travel blogs that are filled with useful information about the bloggers’ experiences - complete with helpful reviews on some websites too. Halal food blogs and restaurant websites have been especially helpful when it comes to locating Halal dining options in the destination they will be travelling to, making it easier to plan out a trip without minor hassles. Reviews and ratings on websites or apps can help Muslim travelers find quality options too.

The research has also shown that 44 percent of Muslim business travelers have shown to rely on information from friends and family, which can give travelers a different perspective despite online reviews or recommendations. But then again each individual’s experience with travel might be different from each other due to various factors such as needs, preferences, health, etc.

Booking Air Tickets and Accomodation

The MBTI 2016 report shows that more than 50 percent of Muslim business travelers choose to book air tickets by themselves rather than through an agent. In addition, 69 percent of travelers choose to book their flights before making accommodation arrangements as this might be the more practical choice in case of sudden flight cancellations or other unavoidable circumstances – but only 16 percent book accommodation after making flight arrangements. The report also shows that more than 60 percent make their own accommodation arrangements as well.

The MBTI 2016 shows that a little more than 20 percent of air ticket bookings are done through the company or travel agents. When it comes to arranging accommodation,slightly more than 20 percent have arrangements made through the company - with much less than 20 percent making arrangements through travel agents.

The MBTI 2016 report does reflect how the internet and online connections have shaped the travel patterns of the average Muslim traveler. As with most business travelers, flight ticket arrangements and accommodation need to be made smoothly and conveniently - with technology and the internet, travelers might not need to physically meet with travel agents and avoid time-consuming tasks. Another factor could be that Muslim business travelers can plan out their business trips effectively and take their requirements into consideration when they making their travel plans.


Click here to download a free copy of the Muslim Business Traveler Insights report


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