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Hafizh Amanullah Darmawan

01 Apr 2024
Boosting Morale: How to Support Employees Before Eid al-Fitr

Eid al-Fitr, the joyous celebration marking the end of Ramadan, brings with it a time for reflection, gratitude, and spending precious moments with loved ones.  However, for businesses, this festive period can also present a challenge in mainta...

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19 Feb 2024
Respecting Traditions and Preferences: Adapting Halal Travel Offerings to Local Cultural Nuances

For Muslim travelers, exploring the world holds a unique appeal. It's a chance to broaden horizons, experience diverse cultures, and deepen their faith. However, finding travel options that cater to their specific needs and values, while respect...

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13 Feb 2024
Positioning Halal Travel as a Key Growth Driver for the Tourism Industry: Strategies for Attracting Muslim Travelers

For far too long, the global tourism industry has overlooked a significant and rapidly growing demographic: Muslim travelers. Driven by increasing disposable income, a strong desire for authentic experiences, and a commitment to faith-based valu...

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24 Jan 2024
HalalTrip 40: Celebrating Inspiring Muslim Figures | 2024 Edition

Inspiring Journeys, Amplifying Impact: Exploring the 2024 HalalTrip 40 In a world often saturated with superficial trends and fleeting headlines, finding role models who embody genuine commitment and impactful action can be a refreshing quest...

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07 Dec 2023
From Niche to Mainstream: The Evolving Landscape of Halal Travel and Its Impact on B2B Players

The global travel and tourism industry is currently in the midst of a noteworthy transformation, largely propelled by the increasing demand for halal travel. What was once considered a niche market has now evolved into a mainstream force, exerti...

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10 Nov 2023
Why is Halal Certification Important? | A Comprehensive Guide

The concept of halal has transcended its traditional boundaries to become a global phenomenon in today's interconnected world, where food products traverse continents and cultures. Halal certification, verifying that products and services adhere...

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03 Nov 2023
HalalTrip Promotes the Launch of HalalTrip App 7.0 at Halal Expo Indonesia (HEI) 2023

The Halal Expo Indonesia 2023 (HEI) was a pivotal event for those in the Halal industry and Muslim travelers. Amidst the institutions that participate and present themselves to the Halal community, HalalTrip is a notable contributor. In this art...

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23 Oct 2023
How to Build Partnerships with Halal Travel Businesses? | A Comprehensive Guide

The Halal travel market is experiencing a surge in growth, allowing businesses to leverage this expansion. By strategically forging collaborative partnerships, enterprises can effectively position themselves to harness the full potential of th...

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