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HalalTrip Promotes the Launch of HalalTrip App 7.0 at Halal Expo Indonesia (HEI) 2023

Nov 2023

The Halal Expo Indonesia 2023 (HEI) was a pivotal event for those in the Halal industry and Muslim travelers. Amidst the institutions that participate and present themselves to the Halal community, HalalTrip is a notable contributor. In this article, we will delve into the core elements of HEI 2023, the diverse spectrum of attendees it attracts, and the innovative features of HalalTrip App 7.0, designed to enhance the journeys of Muslim travelers.

Halal Expo Indonesia (HEI) 2023 Event Insights

HEI 2023, a significant event within the Halal industry, welcomed an impressive turnout of over 17,000 visitors. This expansive event spanned an impressive 10,000 square meters, with 2,000 square meters dedicated to booths. This extensive space provided many opportunities for engagement and exploration, creating an environment conducive to networking and discovery.

What set HEI 2023 apart was its broad appeal, attracting professionals from various sectors. From Managing Directors and Procurement specialists to Entrepreneurs, Suppliers, Retailers, and Sales and Marketing professionals, the event catered to a diverse array of expertise. Notably, HEI transcended the confines of being solely a business-oriented gathering, successfully accommodating both B2B and B2C audiences, underscoring its adaptability and all-encompassing nature.

HEI 2023 occurred from October 25 to 29, 2023, at the Jakarta Convention Center in Indonesia. This venue provided an ideal backdrop for showcasing innovations and fostering connections within Halal travel and trade. It served as a mark of the significance of this industry and its pivotal role in catering to the needs of both professionals and consumers.

HalalTrip's Presence at HEI 2023

HEI 2023 has witnessed a remarkable and substantial introduction from HalalTrip, as they proudly present HalalTrip App 7.0. The presence of HalalTrip at this event has generated a palpable buzz, with many enthusiastic attendees converging at their booth, eager to delve into the app's offerings and discover more about HalalTrip's latest innovations. 

Features of HalalTrip App 7.0

1. Halal Travel Guides

Catering to the unique needs of Muslim travelers, HalalTrip App 7.0 simplifies the travel planning process by offering comprehensive Halal travel guides. These guides encompass a wealth of information on Halal restaurants, attractions, airports, and, of course, prayer facilities or Mosques on a global scale.

2. Nearby Halal Spots

The perpetual challenge of finding Halal food while traveling is now a thing of the past. With the 'Nearby Halal Spots' feature, the app ensures a delightful culinary experience by directing users to the nearest and finest Halal eateries.

Aside from offering Halal dining options, the app also extends its support to finding Muslim-friendly hotels and attractions in the vicinity, effectively addressing the holistic needs of the halal-conscious traveler.

3. Qibla Direction Finder

The HalalTrip App 7.0 offers three modes for Qibla direction finding: dynamic, static, and map. These modes are thoughtfully designed to guide Halal travelers in determining the accurate Qibla direction, ensuring peace of mind during prayer.

4. Prayer Times

In international travel, adhering to prayer times and reminders is paramount. The HalalTrip App 7.0 delivers precise and reliable prayer times, empowering users to seamlessly plan their daily routines while upholding their religious obligations.

5. Prayer Analytics

Keeping track of daily prayers is effortless with the app's integrated solution. Recognizing that travel scenarios may not always be conducive to prayer, the App assists users in monitoring their prayers with ease.

6. In-Flight Prayer Time Calculator

At cruising altitudes of 35,000 feet during long-haul flights, the In-Flight Prayer Time Calculator ensures that users never miss their prayers. This feature empowers travelers to align their journey with prayer times and Qibla direction, even while soaring above the clouds.

7. Travel Inspiration Blogs

HalalTrip understands that travel inspiration can greatly influence the quality of a trip. The App provides a rich repository of travel inspiration blogs, enabling users to plan travel events that resonate with their values and preferences. Users can also explore comprehensive articles, travel experiences, and inspiring content to shape their next journey.

8. Dua Collection

For moments of reflection and devotion, the app offers a curated collection of Duas (supplications), fostering a deeper spiritual connection during travels. This thoughtful addition caters to the spiritual needs of every Muslim traveler, regardless of the occasion or circumstance.

HalalTrip Talkshow Session at HEI 2023

To enhance the engagement at HEI 2023, CrescentRating and HalalTrip curated a captivating talk show session titled “Pesona Wisata Halal dan Gaya Modest di Indonesia” (in English: "The Charm of Halal Tourism and Modest Style in Indonesia"). This informative session was moderated by Muhammad Jodi Pratama, SEO and Content Specialist at HalalTrip. The talk show featured a distinguished guest speaker, Zahrah Riski Sakinah, Modest Fashion Content Creator and the Co-Owner of Dear Sera.

Zahrah brought a wealth of insights and experiences as she delved into the intricacies of maintaining a modest style during her Halal travel journeys. Her valuable contributions serve as a guiding light for Muslim travelers seeking to explore the world while preserving their modesty. With her expertise, she shed light on the trends and challenges encountered in achieving a harmonious blend of modesty and fashion, making it an enlightening and indispensable session for all attendees. This talk show session truly exemplifies the commitment of HEI 2023 and HalalTrip to enrich the experiences of Muslim travelers and industry professionals.


The Halal Expo Indonesia 2023, held from October 25 to 29 at the Jakarta Convention Center, was a significant event that brought together professionals and enthusiasts from various sectors of the Halal industry. A key highlight was the launch of the HalalTrip App 7.0, designed to enhance the travel experience for Muslim travelers. The event, which featured a talk show session titled "The Charm of Halal Tourism and Modest Style in Indonesia," provided a platform to share valuable insights for travel enthusiasts. HEI 2023 marked a pivotal moment in the evolution of Halal travel, ushering in an era of convenience and spiritual enrichment for travelers using HalalTrip App.

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