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Dr. Mohamed Battour

Associate Professor at Faculty of Commerce, Tanta University, Egypt

Dr. Mohamed Battour is an associate professor at faculty of commerce, Tanta University, Egypt. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Accountancy, MSc in Marketing, and PhD in destination marketing from University of Malaya. His area of expertise includes destination marketing, Halal tourism, Islamic marketing. 

He has been a speaker on matters of Halal tourism for many conferences. He is also a reviewer in top ranking journals. His devotion towards Halal tourism and research activities enabled him to publish papers in top ranking journals in different fields, mainly in the area of Halal tourism, CRM and Islamic marketing.

18 Jan 2017
Treating Muslim Tourists with Respect

Muslim-friendly tourism is currently growing in non-Muslim countries. It is an attempt to make the tourism experience enjoyable to Muslim travelers and allowing them to perform religious duties. The competition among non-Muslim destinations to a...

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15 Sep 2016
Halal Tourism or Muslim-Friendly Tourism?

There is now a growing interest in Halal tourism from the perspectives of both industry and academic research. Many stress the fact that any strategy to develop or market Halal tourism products and services must be guided by Islamic teachings an...

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14 Sep 2016
Halal Tourism in a Muslim Country: What is Next?

The marketing of Halal tourism can be complex due to the fact that non-Muslim tourists and Muslim tourists react differently to it. The basic premise is non-Muslims perceive destinations in some Islamic countries as different from ‘Western’ ...

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