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Nabilah Ayunni

Business Development Executive

13 Dec 2019
Top Safe Destinations for Muslim Women Travelers

The annual Mastercard-CrescentRating Global Muslim Travel Index ranks 130 destinations on their Muslim-friendliness based on the GMTI ACES criteria. You may be interested in the article Safe Countries for Muslim Travelers | The Top Muslim-Wo...

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09 Dec 2019
Added Challenges Faced by Muslim Women Travelers

In addition to challenges in managing their faith-based needs, Muslim women travelers face a number of added challenges. These challenges are often closely related to their identities. Similar to other general women travelers, there is concer...

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15 Nov 2019
Muslim Women in Travel 2019: Interview with Kat Aziz

Kat Aziz is a modest fashion designer and founded Women of Haya - a movement to encourage Muslim women to maintain their modesty while expressing their God-given Beauty. Her vision is to champion modesty onstage and backstage while raising stan...

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12 Nov 2019
Muslim Women in Travel 2019: Interview with Samia Omar Bwana

Samia Omar Bwana founded and run a travel company based in Kenya called Halal Safaris Africa. She organizes Safari trips primarily for Muslim travelers but also have non-Muslim guests. The focus of their services is catering to the needs of ...

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07 Nov 2019
Muslim Women in Travel 2019: Interview with Q Akashah

Q Akashah is an Account Director at Ogilvy and is based in Singapore. She works closely with companies; advising and working with International brands to effectively engage with Muslim consumers, as well as supporting efforts by halal businesses...

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05 Nov 2019
Muslim Women in Travel 2019: Interview with Kareemah

Based in New York, USA, Kareemah Ashiru started blogging on Hijabiglobetrotter.com in 2015. She loves to write and share Muslim-friendly travel content and hopes to inspire other Muslims to see the world. In our series of interviews, Kareemah s...

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31 Oct 2019
Muslim Women in Travel 2019: Interview with Hasna B

Hasna B is a French Moroccan who became an influencer after becoming a mother. Currently based in Singapore, she works with lifestyle brands to create content for them. Her biggest audience are mainly Muslim women from France followed by Sin...

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29 Oct 2019
Muslim Women in Travel 2019: Interview with Asha

Based in Singapore and a former preschool teacher, Asha started her community business Asha & Co which champions mental wellness in a healthy setting and supports women who are recovering from mental illness, trauma or loss. In our series of in...

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21 May 2019
9 Faith-Based Service Needs of Muslim Travelers

Muslims are a unique market segment as some of their needs and wants are guided by their Islamic faith. This influences what food they consume, the clothes they wear and even their financial transactions. This consumption behavior is evident amo...

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