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Key Reasons and Concerns When Planning a Business Trip - Muslim Business Traveler Insights

Dec 2016

Muslim Business Traveler Insights 2016 released by CrescentRating and Mastercard – the first-ever detailed report examining the travel trends and attitudes of a sub-segment of the growing Muslim travel market – focuses on the travel behavior and patterns of the average Muslim traveler. Its insights include the key reasons that drive Muslim travel and also highlights the various concerns of Muslim travelers when planning a business trip.

Listed below are some of the key reasons for business travel by Muslim travelers.

Key Reasons for Business Travel

The top reasons for business travel are:

  • Attending conferences and exhibitions
  • Client meetings
  • Business prospects
  • Workshops
  • Supplier meetings
  • Training purposes
  • Internal company meetings
  • Other related factors

According to the research material provided in the MBTI 2016, it has been shown that 57 percent of Muslim business travellers are prone to travel abroad for conferences and exhibitions. Two of the other main reasons for business travel include - meeting with clients for 45 percent of Muslim business travelers and another 44 percent travel for business prospects or potential clients.

The research also shows that 70 percent of Muslim business travelers are shown to avoid travelling during the Holy Month of Ramadan - with only 27 percent choosing to travel during Ramadan or school holidays. A little less than 50 percent of Muslim travelers will also travel during Eid, which can even include travelling specifically for Eid celebrations.

The research has shown that the average Muslim business traveler is not different from the usual business traveler. However, the facilities and requirements that are important to them would differ when it comes to food, accommodation, travel or leisure to name a few. These are the very factors that contribute to the necessity of Halal tourism.

Listed below are some of the key travel concerns of Muslim travelers.

Key Concerns For Travel

The main concerns of the average Muslim traveler are:

  • Safety and security
  • Religious tolerance
  • Health and environment risks
  • Political stability
  • Connectivity
  • Prices and expenses
  • Reputation of destination
  • Language and cultural barriers
  • Other factors

While some destinations have recognised the need to encourage Halal tourism and facilities, the rising tensions of safety, social and political issues have contributed to Muslim travelers being concerned for their security.

With reference to the MBTI 2016, it has been shown that 74 percent of Muslim travelers have concerns for their safety and security as well as 50 percent of travelers being concerned about religious tolerance when visiting certain destinations.

These concerns are quite reasonable when coupled with the current political and social issues that have been on the rise. Political instability has created many reasons for concern as well - and the research shows that 44 percent share this view.

The environmental and social changes often make significant impacts on the travel industry in general and the Halal travel industry is quite similar in that manner. Concerns for health and environmental risks are shared by 46 percent according to the report - with concerns for connectivity issues coming in at 43 percent.


Click here to download a free copy of the Muslim Business Traveler Insights report


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