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The latest report from CrescentRating – the Halal Travel Frontier 2018, focuses on the main trends in the Muslim travel market that will create significant changes in the Halal travel industry. Among these key trends will be the focus on talent development in the Halal travel ecosystem, as a high demand for more outstanding travel services will rise in 2018. Muslims in the tourism and hospitality industry are no different in these terms, and will also wish to put much thought and effort into their travel conditions.

In 2018, there will be more pressure to improve the level competency of professionals who are within the tourism and hospitality industry. There will be a higher focus on equipping them with the skills, knowledge and expertise on how to effectively cater to the Muslim traveler. This is where the right training and certification will be more accessible through online platforms – which will play a vital part in upgrading the skill level of the industry professionals. By focusing on the talent development of professionals in the tourism sector, the Halal travel industrywill movetowards significant improvement. Talent development will help industry professionals acquire relevant skills and knowledge to appeal to the Muslim travel market. Another added benefit is that those who are in the travel industry will really understand the needs of the Muslim traveler.

Tourism and hospitality professionals who have undergone training and certification will be more aware of how to cater to the segment of Muslim travelers. They will also be aware of the kinds of improvements that need to be made when it comes to providing quality Halal services.

With reference to the Halal Travel Frontier 2018 report, the tourism sector will attempt to get better accustomed to the transforming learning economy, where the demand for education will increase. The tourism sector will also need to cater to the changing demographic of Muslim travelers – which will contribute to the rise in educational demand and will continue towards to the growth of the Muslim travel market.

The expansion of the Muslim travel market will create an urgency to further develop and encourage new talent to deal with the upcoming changes, while revealing the potential that can be achieved. This level of potential will also increase when professionals within the tourism and hospitality industry are equipped with the right accreditations, skills and understand Muslim travelers as well as the Muslim travel market. Additionally, both destinations and service providers will actually gain competitive advantage when adapting to the changes that are taking place. These factors will all contribute to the progression of the Halal market, where Muslim travelers will experience quality Halal friendly services.

In 2018, the trend of talent development for professionals in the tourism and hospitality industry will make an impact on the Muslim travel market where the high potential of this segment will be recognised. An impression like this one will aim to bring about better travel conditions for the Muslim traveler segment that is constantly changing with the new developments.

The full report is available here

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