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What makes meat halal?

Dec 2019

For meat to be "halal," it cannot be from a taboo cut such as meat from hindquarters or from forbidden animals.

Listed below are the list of forbidden animals:

  • Dead animals that were not slaughtered (Al-Maitah)

  • Blood

  • Pork

  • Carrions

  • Meat that were slaughtered for idols

  • All carnivores with teeth such as lions and tigers

  • All winged creatures which have claws, for example, birds of prey, hawks, vultures, falcons and so on

  • Domesticated donkeys, mice, scorpions, snakes, frogs

  • Any animal that has died (except fish and sea creatures) before being slaughtered in the Islamic manner

  • Eating or drinking the milk of the animal which feeds on filth

To make meat halal or permissible, an animal or poultry must be slaughtered in a custom manner known as Zibah or Zabihah. What presently turns out to be clear for halal judgments is that:

  1. A creature ought not be dead preceding its slaughter

  2. A Muslim ought to perform its slaughter

  3. Any streaming blood of the remains ought to be completely depleted

While Muslims are allowed to eat animals like chicken, cow, buffalos, turkey, ducks, sheeps etc. If the animal was not slaughtered as per Zabihah (Islamic rites), the meat is deemed to be non-halal and therefore not permissible for Muslims' consumption. Seafood, on the other hand, do not need to be slaughtered.

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