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08 Jun 2017

Bintan Resorts Ties Up With CrescentRating to Lure Muslim Travellers

Bintan Resorts rolls out a series of initiatives in collaboration with CrescentRating and Halaltrip, to increase its appeal to Muslim travellers across the world with a focus on the neighbouring ASEAN region, China and the Middle East. The ne...

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29 May 2017

How Big Data is Validating the Ramadan Phenomenon

When you run a website/app, you watch your traffic like an investor keeping track of a stock portfolio. On the first day of this year’s Ramadan, we were doing exactly that. That is when we realised something unusual was happening on HalalTrip....

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24 May 2017

Muslim Millennial Travel Report to be Launched at ITB Asia 2017

Singapore, 23 May 2017 – ITB Asia, “Asia’s Leading Travel Trade Show”, has extended its partnership with CrescentRating to deliver another exclusive insights programme into the multi-billion dollar Muslim travel market. According to f...

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10 May 2017

Key Segments in the Muslim Travel Market

In addition to the increasing availability of Muslim-friendly travel services, another key factor driving the demand of Muslim travel is the growth in the Muslim population itself and the rise of younger Muslim travelers. Here's a closer loo...

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09 May 2017

Mega Trends in the Muslim Consumer Market

With an expenditure of about USD 155 billion in 2016, the Muslim Travel Market is one significant contributor to the overall Muslim consumer market - which is estimated to be worth USD 2 to 3 trillion across various Halal industries of food, lif...

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08 May 2017

10 Pressing Questions Facing the Muslim Travel Segment

The Muslim Travel Market is growing amidst a dynamic landscape with various environmental factors set to change and affect businesses and consumers. While the future remains optimistic, here are 10 key questions to help the Muslim travel industr...

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03 May 2017

Mapping GMTI to User Experience & the Introduction of the ACES Tool

The launch of the Mastercard-Crescentrating Global Muslim Travel Index for the year 2017 saw the introduction of the GMTI Experience Map and the new ACES Tool - to help destinations identify and understand how they can better appeal to the Musli...

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03 May 2017

Malaysia and Singapore at the Forefront of a Projected US$220 Billion Muslim Travel Market: Mastercard-CrescentRating Global Muslim Travel Index 2017

Jakarta, 3 May 2017 – Malaysia and Singapore have strengthened their position as the top performing destinations of a sector expected to be worth $220 billion by 2020 according to the most comprehensive research released on the global Muslim t...

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11 Apr 2017

Earl's Regency Hotel – Accommodation With Muslim-friendly Facilities in Kandy

Earl’s Regency Hotel is a 5-star hotel located in the hills of Kandy in Sri Lanka. This luxurious hotel has been awarded Crescent Rating of 3 based on the Halal-friendly facilities that are available for Muslim guests.  Guests have a range...

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11 Apr 2017

Bandarawela Hotel – Accommodation With Muslim-friendly Facilities In Bandarawela

Bandarawela Hotel is a colonial-style 3-star hotel located in the middle of the city of Bandarawela in Sri Lanka. The hotel has been awarded a Crescent Rating of 3 based on the Halal facilities that are available for Muslim guests. The hotel is...

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06 Apr 2017

Hotel Perdana Kota Bharu – Accommodation with Halal Facilities for Muslim Travelers

Hotel Perdana Kota Bharu is a 5-star luxury hotel with a Muslim-friendly Crescent Rating of 6 in Kota Bharu, Malaysia. The hotel received its JAKIM certification in 2016 and is also the first Five Star Shariah Compliant Hotel in Kelantan. P...

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02 Apr 2017

Grand BlueWave Hotel Shah Alam – Halal-Friendly Facilites for Muslim Travelers at a Luxury Hotel

Grand BlueWave Hotel Shah Alam is a luxury 5-star hotel located in Shah Alam, Malaysia and has been awarded the highest possible hotel rating by CrescentRating – a rating of 7 – based on its excellent Muslim-friendly services. Muslim guests ...

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18 Jan 2017

Treating Muslim Tourists with Respect

Muslim-friendly tourism is currently growing in non-Muslim countries. It is an attempt to make the tourism experience enjoyable to Muslim travelers and allowing them to perform religious duties. The competition among non-Muslim destinations to a...

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09 Jan 2017

Explore the Role of Halal in Culture, Economy and Trade at Halal Expo Australia 2017

This year’s Halal Expo Australia 2017 will be commencing from 11th to 12th February 2017 at Rosehill Gardens, Paramatta in Sydney. The Halal Expo Australia 2017 is where global services, affiliated bodies, academics and professionals come toge...

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26 Dec 2016

Accommodation Preferences of Muslim Travelers - Muslim Business Traveler Insights

The Muslim Business Traveler Insights 2016 (MBTI) is a report presented by CrescentRating and Mastercard that focuses on the travel patterns and preferences of the average Muslim business traveler. The MBTI 2016 report goes to show that Muslim b...

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21 Dec 2016

Performing Prayers Onboard The Plane - Muslim Business Traveler Insights

When referring to the research presented in the Muslim Business Traveler Insights 2016 (MBTI 2016) report by CrescentRating and Mastercard, the travel patterns of the average Muslim business traveler is similar to that of regular business travel...

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15 Dec 2016

Travel Patterns and Behavior of Travelers Onboard the Plane - Muslim Business Traveler Insights

Just like any business traveler flying to different destinations for business purposes – the average Muslim business traveler will also have their own travelling preferences. The travel patterns and behaviour of the average Muslim business tra...

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14 Dec 2016

What Do Travelers Require at Airports - Muslim Business Traveler Insights

It is common for any frequent business traveler to spend a portion of their time in airports – and for the average Muslim business traveler, it is no different. However, the Muslim Business Traveler Insights 2016 (MBTI 2016) - a joint report ...

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07 Dec 2016

Trip Planning by Muslim Travelers - Muslim Business Traveler Insights

Travel planning by a Muslim business traveler comprises a number of different aspects. An important factor of the average Muslim business traveler's planning is locating suitable accommodation to cater to their needs. Halal facilities and d...

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02 Dec 2016

Key Reasons and Concerns When Planning a Business Trip - Muslim Business Traveler Insights

Muslim Business Traveler Insights 2016 released by CrescentRating and Mastercard – the first-ever detailed report examining the travel trends and attitudes of a sub-segment of the growing Muslim travel market – focuses on the travel behavior...

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