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Taiwan as a Muslim Friendly Destination | Halal In Travel Summit 2024

Jul 2024

In an ever-globalizing world, the significance of inclusive travel cannot be understated. The "Halal In Travel Global Summit 2024," hosted by CrescentRating in Singapore from May 28th to May 30th, 2024, provided a platform for dialogue on promoting Muslim-friendly tourism. One of the standout sessions was presented by Abe Chou, Director of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau KL Office, highlighting Taiwan's remarkable efforts to establish itself as a Muslim-friendly destination.

Taiwan: A Hidden Gem in East Asia

Taiwan, often regarded as a mysterious island nation, is strategically located in East Asia, southwest of Japan and north of the Philippines. With its picturesque landscapes, vibrant cities, and rich cultural heritage, Taiwan has emerged as a top travel destination. Abe Chou emphasized that the proximity of Taiwan to Malaysia, with flights available from Kuala Lumpur and Sabah, makes it an accessible destination for Malaysian travelers. The flight duration of approximately 4.5 hours underscores Taiwan's convenience as a travel choice.

Popular Attractions in Taiwan

Taiwan boasts a plethora of attractions that cater to diverse interests. Iconic landmarks such as Taipei 101, Sun Moon Lake, and Taroko National Park are must-visit sites. Additionally, Taiwan's unique flower blooming seasons, including the famous cherry blossoms, provide spectacular natural vistas. Abe Chou recommended visiting places like Alishan Forest Recreation Area and Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village to experience Taiwan's breathtaking scenery and cultural richness.

Taiwan's Appeal to Malaysian Tourists

In 2023, Taiwan welcomed 460,000 Malaysian tourists, primarily of Chinese descent. Recognizing the potential of the Muslim market, Taiwan has undertaken significant initiatives to enhance its appeal to Muslim travelers. Abe Chou outlined several key areas where Taiwan excels in providing a Muslim-friendly environment.

Comprehensive Halal Certification and Facilities

Taiwan's commitment to catering to Muslim travelers is evident in its extensive halal certification process. Recognizing the potential of the Muslim travel market, Taiwan has implemented several initiatives to enhance the visitor experience for Muslim tourists. Here are some key highlights:

  • Halal Certification: Organizations like the Chinese Muslim Association are actively certifying hotels and restaurants to ensure adherence to Halal guidelines. Over 213 restaurants and hotels currently hold relevant Halal certifications.
  • Prayer Facilities: Major transportation hubs (i.e., Taipei Main Station, Taichung Station, and Taiwan High-Speed Rail stations), tourist attractions, and even 13 National Scenic Areas boast dedicated Muslim prayer rooms, providing a convenient space for prayer and reflection.
  • Shopping for Halal Delights: Several supermarkets and convenience stores offer dedicated Halal sections, making it easier to find certified food products. Look for the Halal signs and certifications while shopping.
  • Travel Agencies Going Halal: A growing number of travel agencies in Taiwan are becoming Halal-certified, offering Muslim-friendly tour packages that include Halal meals and accommodation.

Tailored Services and Accommodations

Hotels in Taiwan have taken significant steps to accommodate Muslim guests. This includes providing prayer mats, wash facilities, and halal meal options. Additionally, hotel staff are trained to remove inappropriate decorations, alcohol, and unsuitable TV channels from rooms occupied by Muslim guests. Separate kitchens for halal food preparation, along with the hiring of Muslim chefs, ensure that dietary requirements are met with utmost care.

Shopping and Dining: A Halal Paradise

Taiwan is a shopping haven, offering a diverse range of high-quality products in elegant settings. Abe Chou highlighted the availability of halal-certified snacks in local supermarkets and convenience stores, such as Carrefour and FamilyMart. These stores feature dedicated halal sections, making it easy for Muslim travelers to find suitable products.

The bustling shopping districts, including Taipei 101, Ximending, and various outlet malls, are strategically positioned near tourist hotspots. Muslim-friendly food zones in these areas further enhance the shopping experience, providing a wide array of halal culinary delights.

Promoting Halal Tourism

Taiwan has actively promoted halal tourism through various initiatives. The IDE (Islamic Design Exhibition) events, organized by the Taipei City Government since 2018, attract thousands of visitors each year. These events feature a blend of cultural performances, workshops, and bazaars showcasing Muslim culture and cuisine.

Additionally, the Dream Mountain National Scenic Area hosts similar events, further broadening the appeal of Taiwan as a Muslim-friendly destination. The famous convenience store chain, FamilyMart, has also launched initiatives featuring over 50 halal-certified products, strategically positioned near major tourist attractions.

Strengthening Ties with Malaysia

To foster closer ties with Malaysian travelers, Taiwan has organized several events and workshops. The 2024 Taiwan Tourism Iftar event in Malaysia and the Muslim B2B Workshop aimed to provide the latest travel information to partners in Malaysia. Media and agent familiarization trips to Taiwan have been instrumental in increasing awareness and promoting Taiwan's offerings.

Taiwan's participation in the 2024 MATTA Fair in Malaysia, where 10 Muslim travel operators showcased certified Muslim travel packages, underscores its commitment to the Muslim market. The provision of Bahasa Malaysia or Indonesian language brochures and the compilation of a comprehensive Taiwan Muslim-friendly food guide further facilitate a seamless travel experience for Muslim tourists.

Embracing Digital Platforms

Acknowledging the importance of digital platforms, Taiwan ensures that up-to-date travel information is readily available on its websites and social media channels. Travel videos and advertisements on platforms like GrabCar increase visibility and engagement among potential Muslim travelers.

Taiwan's FIT Lucky Land Incentive Program, offering cash prizes to eligible travelers, adds an exciting dimension to the travel experience, encouraging more visits to the island.


Taiwan's unwavering commitment to creating a Muslim-friendly environment is evident through its comprehensive initiatives and strategic efforts. By providing halal-certified facilities, tailored services, and promoting cultural events, Taiwan has positioned itself as a premier destination for Muslim travelers. As Abe Chou concluded, Taiwan is ready to welcome Muslim tourists with open arms, offering a unique and enriching travel experience that celebrates diversity and inclusivity.

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