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29 Mar 2016

How has GMTI changed travel for Muslim travelers and tourism organisations?

Listen to Muslim travelers and tourism organizations voice how their travel experiences have changed and how the Global Muslim Travel Index has changed travel. In this video, CrescentRating talks to Dalillah Ismail - a fashion blogger and frequ...

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28 Mar 2016

Has traveling become easier for Muslims? Listen to Dalillah Ismail

Dalillah Ismail, fashion blogger and frequent traveler, talks to CrescentRating about her experience traveling as a Muslimah.  She says that travel has become easier for Muslims today because it is now easy to find places to pray and also ...

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28 Mar 2016

GMTI 2016 Results and Summary of Findings

Now in its second year, MasterCard-CrescentRating Global Muslim Travel Index has evolved to cover 130 destinations against a total of 11 criteria and continues to provide comprehensive benchmarks to help track the growth of the lucrative Muslim ...

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27 Mar 2016

The 11 Criteria that make up the Global Muslim Travel Index 2016

The MasterCard-CrescentRating Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) 2016 was released in March 2016. GMTI 2016 looks at in-depth data covering 130 destinations. This year two new criteria – air connectivity and visa restrictions – have been a...

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26 Mar 2016

6 faith based needs of Muslim travelers

The profile of the Muslim traveler has often been over-simplified in the past. A few years ago, outbound Muslim travel was primarily focused on a few specific destinations while other destinations did not possess an adequate understanding of t...

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25 Mar 2016

Five key drivers for the continued growth of the Muslim travel market

The MasterCard-CrescentRating Global Muslim Travel Market 2016 estimated that there were 117 million Muslim international travelers in 2015. This is projected to grow to 168 million by 2020, where the travel expenditure by Muslim travelers is e...

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23 Mar 2016

How GMTI 2016 is Influencing the Muslim Travel Market

When the MasterCard-CrescentRating Global Muslim Travel Index was first published in 2015, it provided groundbreaking insights into the Muslim travel market - one of the world's fastest growing tourism segments. Its second release in 2016 ha...

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23 Mar 2016

Malaysia and Singapore Retain Top Spots in the MasterCard-CrescentRating Global Muslim Travel Index 2016

Singapore, 23 March 2016 - Malaysia and Singapore have retained their positions as the top destinations in the global Muslim travel market, according to the most comprehensive research released on this the sector. The MasterCard-CrescentRatin...

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20 Mar 2016

Defining what is Halal Travel or Muslim Friendly Tourism

With the growth of the Muslim travel market, varying terminology and definitions have been used to refer to either the total Muslim travel market or its sub-segments. The terms used have had a varying focus based on who is using the term and in ...

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17 Feb 2016

Philippines accelerates plans to develop Halal tourism

The Philippines is accelerating its plans to position itself as one of the world’s preferred destinations for Muslim tourists. The Philippine Department of Tourism (PDOT) has unveiled a series of initiatives as part of a major drive to crea...

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12 Feb 2016

Malaysia's Grand BlueWave Hotel again awarded the highest Muslim-friendly Crescent Rating of 7

One of the country's finest Muslim-friendly hotels, Grand BlueWave Hotel Shah Alam in Malaysia has yet again been awarded a rating of 7 by CrescentRating. As expected, Grand BlueWave Hotel Shah Alam offers a wealth of facilities for Muslim ...

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11 Feb 2016

Gulf Paradise Hotel Muslim-friendly accommodation in the heart of Qatar's capital

Gulf Paradise Hotel is located in the heart of Doha – Qatar's vibrant and bustling capital – conveniently just a short distance away from Doha International Airport. It is an excellent options for travellers who want quick and easy acces...

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14 Jan 2016

Narita Airport Rest House - Muslim-friendly accommodation at Narita International Airport

Located within the Narita International Airport premises, Narita Airport Rest House is the ideal option for Muslim travellers looking for accommodation close to the Narita Airport. It offers many facilities for Muslim travellers and has been a...

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13 Jan 2016

HalalTrip unveils Muslim-friendly tour packages to 65 destinations

Online Muslim travel platform, HalalTrip, has today unveiled the industry’s most comprehensive tour packages to over 65 global destinations. HalalTrip has created a bespoke portfolio of Muslim friendly tour packages that includes excursions a...

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08 Jan 2016

Expiry of Crescent Rating of Eden Resort & Spa Beruwala

CrescentRating Notice: This is to inform that the Crescent Rating of Eden Resort & Spa Beruwala, Sri Lanka, had expired on the 30th of April 2013 and was not renewed nor audited since then. Please contact us for more information.

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30 Dec 2015

Airvoyages France – Tours, excursions, cruises and pilgrimages for Muslim travellers

Based in France, Airvoyages is a leading travel service provider that specialises in offering tailored tours, trips, excursions, theme trips, cruises, pilgrimages and other innovative travel programs for travellers. Airvoyages is an excellent...

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28 Dec 2015

Enjoy a Muslim-friendly holiday in Phuket at Bangtao Beach Chalet Resort!

Nestled in the midst of the enchantment of Thailand's world-renowned Phuket island, Bangtao Beach Chalet Resort is a stunning 3 star beach resort that offers ten secluded & beautifully designed chalets in a tropical garden. The resort has be...

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11 Dec 2015

Six stats you should know about Muslim travel to the USA

The Muslim travel to the United States of America has become a hot topic currently.  Below is how the USA numbers stack up in terms of the Muslim travel market based on the recent reports published by CrescentRating. 1. Muslim visitor arriv...

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09 Dec 2015

Indonesia launches new visitor guide for Muslim tourists

Indonesia has today launched a new interactive visitor guide as part of a major campaign to position itself as the world’s leading destination for Muslim tourists. The Muslim visitor guide has been created as a dedicated resource to showcase ...

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04 Dec 2015

Find Kuala Lumpur's finest Muslim-friendly accommodation at PNB Perdana Hotel & Suites On The Park

PNB Perdana Hotel & Suites On The Park is an excellent 4 star accommodation option for Muslim travellers in Kuala Lumpur. The apartment hotel offers a wealth of services and facilities for its Muslim guests and has been awarded a Muslim-friendly...

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