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Peeking into The Traveling Trends of Muslim Gen Z

Oct 2023

The travel industry has witnessed significant shifts in consumer preferences and behaviors. Among these shifts, the rise of Generation Z (Gen Z) travelers stands out as a transformative force. With their unique outlook on travel, this generation is redefining how destinations are experienced and marketed.

CrescentRating interviewed experts and young Muslim Gen Z travelers to delve into the dynamics of this emerging travel market. From understanding the distinctive travel patterns of Gen Z to exploring their fascination with authentic experiences and sustainability, the insights from this discussion offer valuable lessons for travel stakeholders worldwide.

Understanding the Gen Z Traveler

Dr. Barkathunnisha, Co-Founder of World Women Tourism, set the stage by shedding light on the challenges in catering to Gen Z travelers. According to her, a significant gap exists in understanding this market segment's unique needs and behavioral patterns. Often confused with millennials, Gen Z travelers are a promising group characterized by their enthusiasm for exploring new emerging destinations.

Contrary to misconceptions, Gen Z travelers are not merely "young and low spenders." They prioritize travel experiences and are willing to allocate discretionary funds for exploration. Their quest for meaningful travel is underscored by a desire to contribute positively to the communities they visit.

Marketing Strategies for Gen Z Travelers

The discussion emphasized crafting marketing strategies that resonate with Gen Z's quest for authenticity and purpose. Authentic, localized experiences that enable travelers to immerse themselves in a destination's culture are highly valued. Travel companies are encouraged to co-create experiences with Gen Z travelers, focusing on meaningful interactions rather than product sales.

In the digital age, social media, particularly platforms like TikTok, is pivotal in shaping Gen Z travel decisions. Marketers are advised to engage with online communities and influencers, showcasing inspiring content and exclusive deals that appeal to tech-savvy travelers. Gen Z's preference for shorter, spontaneous getaways presents an opportunity for last-minute deals and upgrades.

Challenges in Marketing to Gen Z

Marketing to Gen Z comes with its own set of challenges. This generation expects highly personalized, flexible travel arrangements and is accustomed to making real-time decisions. Traditional, bureaucratic organizations and tourism providers may find it challenging to adapt to these demands. Furthermore, Gen Z travelers are discerning consumers who prioritize quality and ethical values. Travel providers must innovate and collaborate to offer sustainable, socially responsible experiences. Transparency on social justice and ethical stances is crucial in building trust with this generation. Online micro-communities wield considerable influence over Gen Z travelers, making it essential for companies to monitor and respond to feedback swiftly and authentically. Negative feedback can quickly spread through these communities, affecting a brand's reputation.

Sustainability and Social Causes

The discussion highlighted that Muslim Gen Z travelers, particularly, are motivated by sustainable and social causes. This generation is socially and environmentally conscious, willing to forgo comforts and luxuries to support sustainable tourism practices.

As the world recovers from the pandemic, Gen Z travelers believe in "building back better." They assess the impact of their travel choices on communities and the environment. To capture their attention, travel companies must integrate sustainability into their marketing strategies, support local communities, and reduce ecological footprints.

South Africa: A Welcoming Destination

Sadiq Dindar, Manager of Marketing & Promotions for the Middle East & Turkey at South African Tourism, provided insights into the appeal of South Africa for Muslim Gen Z travelers. He emphasized South Africa's warm and inclusive atmosphere, where Muslim travelers can immerse themselves in the local culture without feeling alienated.

Muslim Gen Z travelers are drawn to South Africa for its welcoming environment and unique experiences, such as observing Ramadan and Eid. Dindar pointed out that South Africa has been proactive in catering to the needs of Muslim travelers, with infrastructure and tourism experiences designed to accommodate their religious requirements.

Popular Activities in South Africa

Dindar highlighted the diverse activities that attract Muslim Gen Z travelers to South Africa. From extreme sports like bungee jumping and river rafting to authentic safari experiences and walks in the bush, the country offers a blend of adventure and natural beauty. The open landscapes and stunning sunsets make South Africa a captivating destination for Gen Z travelers.

Marketing Strategies for South Africa

South Africa's success in attracting Muslim Gen Z travelers can be attributed to its understanding of their needs. Dindar emphasized the importance of maintaining a positive destination image in the eyes of consumers, particularly on social media platforms. Word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied travelers play a crucial role in shaping perceptions. Sustainable practices and cultural sensitivity are key factors in South Africa's marketing strategy. The country meets cultural needs, offering prayer facilities and halal food options. By aligning with Gen Z travelers' values, South Africa positions itself as an attractive destination.

Diverse Perspectives on Gen Z Travel

To gain a more comprehensive understanding of Gen Z travel, insights were also sought from young Muslim travelers Nur Qa’riah Binte Mohamed Ramlee and Zidan Nabila Akmal.

Nur Qa’riah Binte Mohamed Ramlee, a freelance writer from Singapore, shared her experiences as a Gen Z traveler. She revealed that she primarily travels with her family, where factors like accessibility, Muslim-friendly facilities, and safety for female travelers influence collective decision-making. She highlighted the importance of finding halal food and prayer facilities during her travels.

On the other hand, Zidan Nabila Akmal, a student from Indonesia, provided a glimpse into his solo travel adventures. He emphasized the significance of budget considerations, accessibility, and Muslim-friendliness in destination choices. Zidan also highlighted his challenges, such as sourcing halal food and finding prayer spaces in certain destinations.

Influential Information Sources

Nur Qa’riah and Zidan rely heavily on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok for travel information. These platforms serve as sources of inspiration and practical tips for their journeys. Additionally, they underscored the importance of word-of-mouth recommendations from fellow travelers as trusted sources of information.


The insights from CrescentRating's interviews paint a rich portrait of the evolving landscape of Gen Z travel, particularly among Muslim travelers. Gen Z's desire for authenticity, sustainability, and cultural immersion reshapes the travel industry. Marketers and travel providers must adapt to their unique needs and preferences, offering personalized, purposeful experiences that align with their values.

As Gen Z continues exploring the world, their influence on the travel industry will grow stronger. Embracing this generation's ethos of responsible and meaningful travel can pave the way for a more sustainable and enriching future in travel. South Africa's success in attracting Muslim Gen Z travelers is an exemplary model for destinations seeking to tap into this dynamic and evolving market.

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