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Trip Planning Behavior of Muslim Women Travelers

Dec 2019

Muslim women travelers spend a substantial amount of time planning their trips.  Planning is often done between 1-6 months in advance.  With 65% of Muslim women travelers preferring free and independent travel, it is important to understand their trip planning behavior. The Muslim Women in Travel 2019 - a joint report by Mastercard and CrescentRating – takes a closer look at the aspects of trip planning for this segment.

Many Muslim women travelers are digital savvy and obtain information to plan their trips online. This is reflected in their digital behavior where they research extensively, refer to multiple sources and make comparisons. Various social media channels are used to aid in trip planning with Facebook being the most popular. Through these channels, information on accommodation, dining and transportation are sought.

Muslim women travelers also research on the information of the activities available in a destination. Some of the most popular activities include shopping, cultural immersion activities and activities that allow them to learn.

A key characteristic observed among this demographic is that they also account for the needs and preferences of their travel companion(s) in the travel context when making plans. Family travelers often seek attractions that are family friendly while women who travel with children seek child friendly options.

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