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The Pivotal Role of Digital in Trip Planning and Sharing – Insights from Muslim Women in Travel 2019

Nov 2019

Social media channels play an important role for Muslim women travelers. They allow Muslim women travelers to obtain information as well as share their travel experiences with their family and friends. Often, more than one social media channel is used in both activities.

Trip Planning

Facebook is the most popular channel to obtain information where Muslim women travelers refer to the Facebook pages of establishments to look at reviews, photos and ratings of previous travelers to make an informed decision. Reviews shared by their personal network who have used the services can also be influential. 

Instagram is another popular channel to gather information as it is a visual and mobile centric app. Not only do Muslim women travelers browse the establishment’s Instagram feed but they also look at the content shared by previous travelers for a more accurate representation of actual conditions.

YouTube is another channel that some Muslim women travelers use to obtain visual and interactive information. As it is a user-generated video sharing website, many travelers often create and share video content of their experiences at a destination or a service. For many, these videos are seen as authentic references. 

Trip Sharing

Muslim women travelers are digital natives regardless of the generation they belonged to and are prone to sharing their travels on social media channels. This sharing can be done in a continuum before, during and after their travel. While the majority of Muslim women travelers would share their experiences through Facebook and Instagram, some would also choose to chat on WhatsApp and share their vlogs on Youtube.


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