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Release of Your Muslim Visitor Guide to Singapore (Second Edition) and the Lifestyle Guide to Singapore for Muslim Travellers

Jul 2021

Singapore Tourism Board, in collaboration with CrescentRating and HalalTrip, has released Your Muslim Visitor Guide to Singapore (Second Edition) and the Lifestyle Guide to Singapore for Muslim Travellers.

Your Muslim Visitor Guide to Singapore covers the various activities, brands, Muslim-friendly amenities and Halal food available in the seven main neighbourhoods around Singapore. The Lifestyle Guide to Singapore for Muslim Travellers acts as a supplementary guide to the main one, featuring additional fashion and souvenir brands, places to stay as well as Halal food in Singapore. The brands, places and restaurants featured in the guides were thoughtfully chosen to provide a diverse range of uniquely Singaporean experiences that both a Muslim traveller and a Muslim local can enjoy. 

As the guides were co-created by the Singapore Tourism Board, CrescentRating and HalalTrip — a Singapore-based online travel website catered to the needs of Muslim travellers — they present an in-touch overview of the cultural scene enjoyed by local Muslims. The guides feature popular establishments old and new that are Halal and fuss-free and allow travellers to get an authentic taste of how Muslims enjoy life in Singapore. 

The guides also feature:

Mosques and prayer facilities in Singapore

One main feature of Your Muslim Visitor Guide to Singapore is that every listed location in the guide features the closest prayer facilities or mosque a Muslim can visit to fulfill their daily obligations. With over 15% of the population in Singapore being Muslims, there is an abundance of prayer facilities island-wide.

When the Lifestyle Guide to Singapore for Muslim Travellers is used in conjunction with the main guide, prayer facilities can be used interchangeably as the supplementary guide provides location tags for establishments that are within the 7 featured neighbourhoods.

Travellers are also encouraged to visit the HalalTrip website or download the HalalTrip app for greater ease in finding mosques and prayer facilities near them. 

Where to find Halal food in Singapore

In Your Muslim Visitor Guide to Singapore, Halal restaurants in Singapore are categorised according to precinct. Muslim travellers can easily decide what to eat in and around the seven featured precincts:

  1. Orchard Road
  2. Kampong Gelam
  3. Little India
  4. Tiong Bahru
  5. Chinatown
  6. Sentosa 
  7. Marina Bay

The restaurants featured were selected to give travellers options to a wide variety of cuisines such Halal Japanese, Korean and Chinese food, as well as local staples like Malay and Indian cuisines. The guides are also up-to-date on the latest Halal restaurants and hangouts in Singapore that have quickly garnered interest in the local Halal food scene such as Picanhas’ and Fairytail Gastrobar. 

Your Muslim Visitor Guide to Singapore also contains a Halal Restaurant Directory that offers restaurant suggestions to travellers based on cuisine type (Healthy, Sweets & Bakes, Korean etc.) to provide more options to travellers. 

In the Lifestyle Guide to Singapore for Muslim Travellers, the Halal Shiok Eats section features food options not covered in the main guide, giving travellers suggestions on popular dishes to try out while in Singapore. The segment contains food recommendations from Key Opinion Leader, Shamsydar Ani (a Masterchef Singapore Season 1 finalist), for the Geylang Serai precinct.

Shopping and souvenirs in Singapore for the Muslim traveller

The guides contain suggestions for places to shop for clothes, accessories, souvenirs and many more in Singapore. Although shopping is largely undeterred by the faith-based needs of Muslim travellers, the guides offer bespoke shopping suggestions such as a trip to Wardah Books or Sifr Aromatics within the Kampong Gelam precinct, presenting an elevated and fulfilling experience for Muslim travellers in Singapore.

In Your Muslim Visitor Guide to Singapore, shopping malls, retail stores and burgeoning local brands are highlighted within the 7 precincts. The featured establishments highlight the specific shopping specialties each precinct offers, such as the jewellery shops in Little India and Design Orchard at Orchard Road.

The Lifestyle Guide to Singapore for Muslim Travellers features shopping options ranging from unique souvenirs and brands to Muslim-oriented keepsakes and fashion. The guide also features Key Opinion Leader, Fahimah Thalib, and her style picks for the modern stylish Muslim. Fahimah Thalib is a modest wear model famously known for being the first hijabi model of Vogue Singapore.

Travel itineraries for Muslim travellers to Singapore

Your Muslim Visitor Guide to Singapore contains 2 4D3N itineraries — the Family Fun travel itinerary and the Modern Millennial Muslim itinerary. The Lifestyle Guide to Singapore for Muslim Travellers contains 1 itinerary — 24 Hours in Singapore. Aptly named, these itineraries were curated with a variety of travellers in mind, showcasing the best ways for these travellers to enjoy their trip to Singapore. 

A comprehensive travel guide to Singapore

Your Muslim Visitor Guide to Singapore and the Lifestyle Guide to Singapore for Muslim Travellers feature many exciting and meaningful activities for travellers to enjoy, including tours, murals, events and experiences.

Travellers can find many fun and exciting ways to steep themselves in local culture with selected tours such as the Singapore Sidecars Vespa Tour, which explores cultural sites and mosques around the Kampong Gelam precinct, or following the trail of urban art murals within the featured neighbourhoods. The guides also expose travellers to the refreshing ways Singapore locals have fun, such as enjoying an evening of free live performances at the Esplanade. 

Learn about Singapore while on the go

Both the guides contain bite-sized information for travellers to learn more about the areas featured while exploring them.

Each neighbourhood in Your Muslim Visitor Guide to Singapore is prefaced with an introduction to the area, a map infographic and culturally notable sites. The guide also contains snippets of Insider’s Tips, brief histories of cultural sites and districts, and the Passion Stories of people who founded some of the establishments. 

The Lifestyle Guide to Singapore for Muslim Travellers gives travellers a taste of Singapore’s diversity by detailing important cultural festivities in the city as well as the architectural sites that reflect Singapore’s values of racial and religious harmony.

The guides also provide useful pointers, tips and contact channels for travellers to fully enjoy their stay in Singapore. An example of some of the tips are; how to look out for halal food and the different government agencies where one can find the latest news and information that are important for travellers in Singapore.

Download Your Muslim Visitor Guide to Singapore and the Lifestyle Guide to Singapore for Muslim Travellers now by clicking here (Singapore Tourism Board website) or here (HalalTrip website).

The Singapore Muslim Visitor Guides were created as part of a CrescentRating Destination Marketing project with the Singapore Tourism Board. CrescentRating provides professional support and targeted solutions through customized strategic marketing plans that address the needs of the destination and businesses. Our dedicated team ensures that your destination’s attractiveness is communicated to potential Muslim visitors with the intended brand positioning. Click here to find out more

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