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Halalfire to help American Halal to promote ready-to-eat halal meals in the US

Aug 2010

Halalfire plans to leverage a decade of interactivity with the members and aggregate data on zabihah.com, the world's largest guide to Halal restaurants and products. In addition, Halalfire's iPhone apps, downloaded over 30,000 times to date, will provide unique insight into the location and frequency of demand for Halal food. Halalfire will also distribute mobile coupons for American Halal products and create promotions tailored to Muslim American consumers.

"This is the type of thing that many people have dreamed about but have never actually done," says Halalfire's Shahed Amanullah. "We're excited to use our exclusive relationships with millions of American Muslim consumers to spread the news about American Halal's new Saffron Road Halal products and employ a decade of unique consumer data to position Saffron Road as effectively as possible."

"The decision to have Halalfire help with this crucial product launch was a no-brainer," adds Adnan Durrani, an organic food pioneer and Chief Halal Officer of American Halal. "The hard market data and access to American Muslim consumers that Halalfire provides to us can't be found anywhere else, at any price."

Halalfire Contact: Shahed Amanullah, CEO, Halalfire Media LLC, (650) 248-6135 (650) 248-6135 [email protected]

American Halal Contact: Adnan Durrani, Chief Halal Officer, American Halal, (203) 961-1952, [email protected]

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