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Miguel Sanz on Spain's Tourism Triumph & Halal Travel Strategy | Halal In Travel Global Summit 2024

Jun 2024

The Halal In Travel Global Summit 2024, held from May 28th to 30th in Singapore, was a landmark event for the travel industry, highlighting the growing importance of halal tourism. One of the standout sessions was delivered by Miguel Sanz, CEO/Director of Tourspain and President of the European Travel Commission. Sanz's insights into Spain's tourism success and its strategy for attracting Muslim travelers provided a comprehensive overview of the country's achievements and future plans.

Spain's Tourism Resurgence in 2023

Miguel Sanz began his session by reflecting on Spain's remarkable tourism recovery in 2023. The year saw Spain surpassing pre-pandemic records, welcoming over 85 million international visitors. The expenditure by these international travelers reached an impressive 108 billion EUR, signifying not just a return to normalcy but a substantial growth in the tourism sector.

Despite global challenges such as the war in Ukraine and high inflation rates, Spain's tourism industry thrived. Sanz attributed this success to strong demand from both European and long-haul markets, particularly benefiting Mediterranean countries. The resilience and attractiveness of Spain as a tourist destination were key themes in his presentation.

The Secret Behind Spain's Tourism Success

Sanz attributed Spain's tourism success to its diversity. Despite being a relatively small country, Spain offers a wide range of experiences, catering to various tastes and needs. Its geographic diversity includes shores along the Mediterranean, Atlantic Ocean, and Cantabrian Sea, as well as the Canary Islands and Balearic Islands. Inland destinations rich in history, natural resources, and gastronomy further enhance its appeal.

The diversity of visitors to Spain is equally important. In 2023, Spain welcomed travelers from all over the world, representing different religions, races, and backgrounds. This inclusivity, according to Sanz, is a cornerstone of Spain's greatness as a tourist destination. The country does not specialize in a single product but offers a multi-product destination that caters to business travelers, families, couples, and more.

Embracing Halal Tourism

A significant highlight of Sanz's session was Spain's focus on halal tourism. In 2023, Spain received two million Muslim visitors from various regions, including European countries, the Gulf region, Asia, and the Americas. These visitors spent over 8 billion EUR during their stay, underscoring the economic importance of this segment.

"For us, Halal tourism is not only to meet the expectations of our Muslim visitors. It's creating experiences thought for our Muslim visitors," Sanz emphasized.

From that, Sanz claims that Halal tourism is about catering specifically to Muslim visitors, fulfilling their dreams, and exceeding their expectations. The high satisfaction levels among Muslim travelers to Spain reflect the success of this approach.

Strategic Initiatives and Cultural Connections

Spain's strategy for attracting Muslim travelers includes targeted efforts in various regions. Tourspain's offices in the Gulf, Abu Dhabi, Asia (including Singapore), Europe, and North America are dedicated to promoting products and services designed for Muslim visitors. Sanz highlighted the importance of cultural connections between Spain and Muslim countries. Spain's Muslim heritage, evident in its architecture, culture, and gastronomy, creates a sense of familiarity and appeal for Muslim travelers.

Many Spanish words have Arabic origins, further enhancing the cultural connection. This shared heritage, combined with Spain's expertise in the travel industry, makes the country a preferred destination for Muslim travelers among non-Muslim countries.

Enhancing the Halal Travel Experience

Spain is continuously working to improve its appeal to halal travelers. Sanz outlined Spain's strategic approach to enhancing its appeal to Muslim travelers. This includes:

  • Dedicated Resources: Collaborations with tour operators and travel agencies to create the 2022 Halal Travel Guide for the Andalusian region. This guide, produced by Tourspain's office in Singapore, provides information on places of worship, halal restaurants, and experiences tailored to Muslim visitors.
  • Educational Initiatives: Ongoing efforts focus on educating the Spanish tourism industry about Muslim cultural needs and preferences.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: Spain prioritizes excellent flight connections with Muslim-majority countries, particularly the Gulf region. They are also actively developing stronger connections with Asian, Latin American, and North American markets.

This ongoing effort ensures that Spain can provide unique and satisfying experiences for its halal travelers.

Future Prospects and Conclusion

Looking ahead, Spain aims to strengthen its connectivity with Muslim-majority countries, especially those in the Gulf region, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and North America. Tourism is seen as a tool for development and fostering mutual friendship between nations.

In concluding his session, Miguel Sanz expressed his gratitude to CrescentRating for hosting the Halal In Travel Global Summit 2024 and thanked the audience for their participation. His insights into Spain's tourism triumphs and strategic initiatives for halal travel highlighted the country's commitment to inclusivity and excellence in the tourism sector.

The Halal In Travel Global Summit 2024 provided a platform for sharing best practices and innovative strategies, with Spain's approach serving as a valuable example for other destinations seeking to attract Muslim travelers. As Spain continues to enhance its halal travel offerings, it sets a benchmark for cultural inclusivity and exceptional tourism experiences.

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