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Japanese Company Wants to Reassure Muslims

Oct 2009

Japan may be a great tourist destination for many travelers, but for Muslims, getting by in the Land of the Rising Sun can be difficult. The main reason is its lack of Halal-friendliness. Japan is largely a Buddhist country and its tourist industry caters largely to domestic travelers.

As a result, many Muslims avoid Japan when it comes to making vacation plans. Even when it comes to food imported into Muslim countries to cater to the Japanese diaspora, the locals are cautious.

Daisho Food’s office in Muslim-majority Malaysia is hoping to change the way locals think about Japanese foods by learning more about the Halal business.

“Malaysian Muslims avoid going to Japanese restaurants or buy Japanese food from stores because they are worried that non-Halal meat and alcohol may be used to prepare such food,” Daisho sales manager Masato Suzuki told Bernama.

But now that Halal food is a major market, his company will attempt to cater for local Muslims in order to ease their fears.

He says that many items such as vegetables and fruits are Halal in that no prohibited materials are used in their productions.

Daisho is considering ways to show consumers that their Halal products are safe.

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