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Pakistan Sound Out Malaysian Halal Experts

Oct 2009

Halal products that comply with Islamic Shariah laws and are therefore permissible for Muslims are experiencing a boom in demand.

According to projections, the industry is expected to experience double-digit growth every five years. Recognizing the business potential, the Pakistani government is eager to get involved. According to Bernama news agency, Pakistan, with a Muslim majority population, wants to co-operate with Malaysia’s Halal Industry Development Corporation Sdn Bhd (HDC) in order to tap the burgeoning market.

Pakistan’s Livestock and Dairy Development Department has invited HDC officials to visit its facility in Punjab.

Lt. General (Retired) Tahir Mahmud Qazi was quoted as saying: “The meeting would provide a unique opportunity to evaluate each other’s strengths and to evolve a common strategy to tap the growing market for halal products around the world.”

He believes Pakistan’s raw materials and Malaysian expertise can form a winning combination.

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