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4 Crescent Rated Halal-Friendly Hotels in Singapore to Choose From

Aug 2011

Marina Mandarin became the latest Crescentrated Hotel in Singapore to get the kitchen and food stations serving one of their restaurants (Aquamarine) Halal certified by MUIS. This meant that their Crescentrating was upgraded to 5 from 3.

Royal Plaza on Scotts was among the first to have a restaurant (Carousal) served with Halal-certified food. Early last year, Grand Mercure Roxy got one of their kitchens Halal certified. This was followed at the end of last year with Fairmont Singapore having their kitchen and Food stations serving the Asian Market Café getting halal certified.

All these Hotels also provide other services and features such as Qiblah directions in the rooms, availability of prayer timetables at the concierge, etc. Royal Plaza and Fairmont also have prayer rooms. All of them provide special food services and promotions during the month of Ramadhan.

All four Hotels will make your stay in Singapore a comfortable one. Stay at any one of them on your next trip to Singapore!

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