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Decoding the Evolution: OIC vs Non-OIC Destinations in GMTI (2015-2023) | GMTI 2023 Report

Aug 2023

The travel industry has always been a reflection of the changing global landscape, and one aspect that has gained significant attention is the preferences and needs of Muslim travelers. The recently released Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) 2023 report, compiled by Mastercard-CrescentRating, provides a comprehensive overview of how destinations have been catering to this growing demographic. From the rise of OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) nations to the steadfast progress of non-OIC destinations, the report's findings unveil a dynamic evolution in the realm of Muslim-friendly travel.

Destinations Ranked by GMTI 2023

The GMTI has evolved over the years, mirroring the expansion and diversification of travel destinations. This index is a tool that encompasses a broad spectrum of destinations, ensuring a holistic view of the Muslim travel market. With its coverage spanning 138 destinations, representing over 98% of Muslim visitor arrivals, the 2023 report offers an in-depth analysis of the current trends, preferences, and opportunities within the Muslim travel sector. By keeping pace with this evolving landscape, the GMTI aims to guide travelers, destinations, and stakeholders in fostering inclusivity and enhancing the travel experience.

Overall GMTI Ranking

Malaysia’s Dominance and Indonesia’s Challenge

Undoubtedly, Malaysia's enduring appeal to Muslim travelers remains unwavering. As the GMTI's top-ranking destination, Malaysia's consistent performance over the years highlights its commitment to meeting the needs of this vital market segment. Yet, Indonesia has emerged as a formidable challenger. Ascending from 6th in 2015, Indonesia rapidly climbed to share the top spot with Malaysia in 2019. After a brief dip, it has reaffirmed its joint number-one position in 2023, posing a real challenge to Malaysia's supremacy. This rivalry between the two Asian giants underscores their remarkable appeal within the Muslim travel landscape.

Dynamic Trio at the Top: Türkiye, UAE, and Saudi Arabia

While Malaysia and Indonesia vie for the lead, Türkiye, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Saudi Arabia consistently secure their positions within the top ranks of the GMTI. These destinations exemplify an enduring allure for Muslim travelers, marked by cultural richness, historical significance, and modern amenities. Their consistent performance indicates the continuous effort to cater to the evolving preferences of Muslim travelers, making them steadfast destinations in this competitive arena.

Steadfast and Rising Destinations

In the ever-changing world of travel, resilience is vital, and destinations like Qatar, Oman, Jordan, and Singapore have demonstrated remarkable staying power within the top 10. Their unwavering commitment to providing a Muslim-friendly experience has solidified their positions, setting benchmarks for others to follow. Meanwhile, the rising stars of Iran, Egypt, and Uzbekistan have significantly ascended the GMTI ranks. Their impressive strides from 2015 to 2023, landing them in the 7th, 9th, and 13th positions, respectively, indicate their dedication to enhancing their appeal to Muslim travelers.

Broadening Horizons: Fresh Faces on the Block

The GMTI's evolving nature is evident in the emergence of new contenders. Destinations like Pakistan, Algeria, and Kyrgyzstan have not only entered the top 20 but also signaled a shift in the array of destinations that pique the interest of Muslim travelers. This expansion highlights the diverse opportunities for countries to tap into the growing Muslim travel market by catering to unique preferences and interests.

The Ebb and Flow of Rankings

The journey of destinations within the GMTI is far from linear. Bahrain's 11th to 9th position fluctuation underscores the volatility that some nations experience due to evolving market dynamics. However, these shifts in rankings present opportunities for destinations to reevaluate their strategies and respond to changing trends, ensuring that they remain attractive to Muslim travelers.

Singapore's Singular Feat: Non-OIC Destination in the Spotlight

While most top-ranking destinations in the GMTI are OIC member countries, Singapore stands out as a remarkable exception. Continuously securing its place within the top ranks, Singapore's consistent appeal to Muslim travelers is a testament to its commitment to providing an inclusive and diverse travel experience. This achievement underscores Singapore's prowess in understanding and catering to the unique needs of the Muslim travel market.

Non-OIC Destinations GMTI Ranking

Consistency and Progress in Non-OIC Destinations

In the realm of non-OIC destinations, certain destinations have displayed remarkable consistency and progress, reaffirming their commitment to Muslim-friendly travel experiences. Singapore's undisputed leadership from 2015 to 2023 demonstrates its unparalleled expertise in catering to the needs of Muslim travelers. Similarly, Taiwan's impressive ascent from the tenth position in 2015 to the top 3 showcases its growing prominence as a Muslim-friendly destination. The United Kingdom's unwavering appeal, Thailand's resilience, and Spain's consistent climb further emphasize the dynamism of the non-OIC Muslim travel market.

Embracing Opportunities and Emerging Stars

The GMTI report also sheds light on destinations that have embraced the opportunities within the Muslim travel sector. Hong Kong's steady presence, Japan's upward trajectory, and the progress of Germany, the Philippines, and South Africa exemplify a commitment to providing memorable experiences for Muslim travelers. Noteworthy is the fluctuation in ranks experienced by the United States, France, and Australia, signaling the complex interplay of market forces and the scope for improvement.

Looking Ahead: Promising Future for Emerging Non-OIC Destinations

The GMTI report spotlighted emerging non-OIC destinations like Georgia, Kenya, and Tanzania. Their upward mobility within the rankings, from the twenties to the teens, signifies their efforts to capture the attention of Muslim travelers. With ongoing improvements and an increasing focus on catering to this demographic, these nations hold the potential to challenge established players and secure higher ranks in the future.


The GMTI 2023 report unravels a dynamic narrative of evolution and competition within the Muslim travel sector. Whether the steady dominance of established OIC nations or the remarkable progress of non-OIC destinations, the report offers valuable insights into the ever-evolving landscape of Muslim-friendly travel. As the industry continues to adapt and innovate, the GMTI remains an essential compass for travelers and destinations, guiding them toward a more inclusive and enriching travel experience.

Visit this link to download the GMTI 2023 full report!

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