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For over a decade, CrescentRating has developed various initiatives to assist destinations and service providers in better understanding and delivering value to the global Muslim travel market. These include its rating and accreditation systems, Halal-in-Travel conferences, training and certifications as well as annual reports such as the Global Muslim Travel Index.

This year, along with the release of the Global Muslim Travel Index 2019, we published five Halal Travel Development Goals (HTDG). As we move into Halal Travel 2.0, the industry needs a framework to drive the next phase of development. HTDGs will  allow Halal Travel Industry players to innovate and align their product and services with specific goals .

HTDG1: Integration, Diversity and Faith

Halal travel enables Muslims to become active citizens of the global community while facilitating their faith-based needs. Traveling represents an opportunity to integrate and learn about the rich diversity of other cultures. Muslim travelers are also ready ambassadors who can share their faith, dispel misconceptions and create more common spaces with others. This promotes understanding, peace, and synergy around universal values while accepting the differences.

HTDG2: Heritage, Culture and Connection

Halal travel helps Muslims to connect with their past, present and future. Heritage experiences engage Muslim travelers to rekindle with their past and draw inspiration from their historic global roots. Cultural events allow Muslims to better understand local practices and expand their network and worldview. Such fusion of experiences creates new stories which Muslim travelers can share and inspire others around them.

HTDG3: Education, Insights and Capabilities

Halal travel is a fast growing space with many emerging insights. Closer collaboration with stakeholders through research, training and events creates new knowledge and learning value to the entire ecosystem. These can be translated into specific recommendations to help industry professionals get up-to-speed with the new economy and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Tourism professionals can be equipped with these new capabilities and skills to better serve Muslim travelers.

HTDG4: Industry, Innovation and Trade

Halal travel is a lucrative and contributing segment of the wider tourism industry. With an increasing Muslim travel population, this represents further opportunity for the travel space to grow and serve new markets. Understanding the needs of Muslim travelers will also drive innovation which will have positive network effects across all parts of the tourism value chain. This will also create new job opportunities and drive the economy as a whole.

HTDG5: Well-being and Sustainable Tourism

Beyond commercial benefits, Halal travel recognises its key role in improving conditions across society and the larger landscape. Driven by Islam's strong emphasis on taking care of the environment, charity and community, Muslim travelers work together with destinations and service providers ready opportunities to practice responsible and sustainable tourism. This social impact will in turn have positive effects on the travelers, wider community and environment in the long run.

These CrescentRating Halal Travel Development Goals provide an overarching framework that serves as a blueprint for the travel industry. Organizations and partners can use these goals to recognize their strategic role in the Halal space.

The Halal Travel Development Goals also encourage all partners in the Halal space to continue to play their various important roles in the development of the Halal travel ecosystem.

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