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Crescentating 2013 Ranking of Top 10 Halal Food Facebook Pages & Blogs/Sites

Feb 2013

Crescentrating's Halal Friendly Travel (CRaHFT) Ranking 2013

Top Halal Food Facebook pages & Blogs/Sites for 2013

With Facebook pages becoming major recipe pages, this year, we decided to split the Halal Food Facebook/Blogs/Sites ranking into two categories; the "Top 10 Halal Food Facebook pages" and the "Top 10 Halal Food websites/blogs". This meant that we could uncover a lot of great Halal Food Facebook pages and websites who are doing a great job of providing recipes and advice on some mouth watering Halal dishes.

Top 10 Halal Food Facebook Pages

This year has a mix of well established Facebook pages with 10's of thousands of fans as well as new and upcoming ones. All forging strong communities of passionate food lovers!

The top four this year remain the same as last year's ranking, with Fauzia's Kitchen Fun topping the list for the 2nd year. At the time of announcing this year's ranking, the total "likes" of the top four pages is close to half a million!  Enjoy the recipes, discussion, advise from all of them. 

Top 10 Halal Food Websites/Blogs

Although the Facebook pages have now come to dominate the food recipe area, there are still active Halal Food websites and blogs. 

Top 10 Halal Food Facebook Pages 2013
Fauzia's Kitchen Fun 1
Foodilcious "Cooks @ Work" 2
Masala Mornings 3
Ramadan Recipes 4
Chaska House 5
Bakers United 6
The Kitchen Diaries 7
ElZaA 8
Rania@work with sugar'n spice 9
Zeenat's Kitchen 10


Top 10 Halal Food Websites 2013
Fauzia's Kitchen Fun 1
Zeenat's Kitchen 2
ElZaA 3
Rania@work with sugar'n spice 4
My Halal Kitchen 5
Zaiqa.net 6
Cuisine of Karachi 7
Lecker and Yummy Recipes 8
Cape Malay Cooking 9
Karima's Food 10


It is worth noting that four of them appear on both the list; Fauzia's Kitchen Fun, ElZaA, Rania@work with sugar'n spice and Zeenat's Kitchen!


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