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A Comparison of 2015 and 2016 GMTI40

Apr 2016

GMTI40 tracks the average score of the Top 20 OIC and Top 20 non-OIC destinations to form a key index to monitor the performance of the Muslim travel segment. The overall Average GMTI Score for Top 20 non-OIC destinations has improved to 50.3 in comparison to 47.7 last year which indicates that overall destinations are gearing up and competing for a share of the Muslim travel market.

2016 GMTI40 includes the below destinations:


Comparison of the average scores for the top 20 OIC and non-OIC destinations

Comparison of 2016 Top 20 OIC Destinations with Corresponding Performance in 2015

The overall Top 20 OIC countries in the GMTI40 have remained within the top 20 ranking whilst the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and Morocco have been able to climb up the ranking. Around 50 percent of total Muslim travelers have travelled to OIC nations. Muslim visitor arrivals continue to increase in the OIC member states. The overall key trend in visitor arrivals to the OIC member states is that Muslim travel is heavily focused on 15 destinations.

Outbound travelers from OIC destinations amount to 65 percent of total Muslim travelers.
This demonstrates the strong travel business opportunities prevalent amongst the OIC nations. Muslim tourism offers a good opportunity for OIC member states to increase both intra-OIC travel as well as inbound travel from non-OIC markets.

Top 20 OIC Destinations of GMTI40


Comparison of 2016 Top 20 Non-OIC Destinations with Corresponding Performance in 2015

50 percent of Muslim travelers visited a non-OIC destination. This highlights the vast potential that exists for non-OIC nations to cater to Muslim travel needs. Destinations such as Singapore are leading the way. Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong have made efforts to develop Muslim travel guides and increase understanding through education and awareness campaigns.

Singapore, Thailand and the United Kingdom have been able to hold on to their positions as the top three non-OIC countries amongst the GMTI40.


Top 20 Non OIC Destinations of GMTI40


For a full analysis and to access the complete Global Muslim Travel Index 2016, please visit: https://www.crescentrating.com/mastercard-crescentrating-global-muslim-travel-index-gmti-2016.html

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