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CrescentRating Ranking of Top 10 Halal Food Facebook Pages and Websites 2014

Mar 2014

In recent years, Facebook has become more than just a means of keeping in touch with loved ones. It is now bringing together people from all around the world who share similar interests, in this case, cooking. The Facebook pages and websites that took part in this year’s competition all have one thing in common; they all share incredible, easy-to-follow, Halal recipes; to the world.  They owe their popularity to their fans and ever so faithful followers who have nothing but great things to say about each and every one of them. Even though most of these Facebook pages and websites are really popular and well known, our aim is to bring even more awareness to them. We want to make them even stronger by spreading their passion for food and cooking.

This year’s top 10, in both categories, are truly deserving of where they stand. Apart from sharing truly mouthwatering recipes and great cooking tips, they’ve also campaigned really long and hard. There are quite a few up and comers in this year’s top 10 and we’re glad that this competition has been able to give them more recognition and inshaAllah, may their pages and websites prosper and grow even more.

Top 10 Halal Food Facebook Pages

With over 170k likes, Fauzia’s Kitchen Fun secures first place again for the third year. "Its Yummy!!Yummy!!to my Tummy!!"camea close 2nd, a fabulous achievement indeed! AinyCooks, The Zayka Lounge, Deliscious yummy recipes Dubai Halaal tried and tested,Chaska House, HOME FOOD COOK –BAHRAIN, Suzi and shaz bite, My Halal Kitchen and Cape Malay Cooking follow closely behind. You will not be disappointed by becoming fans of these Facebook recipe pages!

Top 10 Halal Food Websites/Blogs

Fauzia’s Kitchen Fun manages to come first in this category as well, again. With fool proof recipes and an easy-to-use website, Fauzia’s Kitchen fun definitely deserves the spot.AinyCooks also manages to appear on both lists, which speaks volumes about the recipes and tips shared.Laiji's Creative Corner, My Halal Kitchen and Yummy Food follow in third, fourth and fifth place respectively. It won’t be right for us to not mention;  Halaal Recipes, Cape Malay Cooking,  Chocolate & Chillies, Halal Girl About Town, Cooking with Thas and Pakistan Recipes. 

We’re excited at how well this year’s competition went and hope this community gets even stronger in time. If you haven’t checked out the Halal food facebook pages and websites yet, you’re definitely missing out. So get to it!

See below for listings of the top 10 in both categories.

Top 10 Halal Food Facebook Pages

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun 1
"Its Yummy!!Yummy!!to my Tummy!!" 2
AinyCooks 3
The Zayka Lounge 4
Deliscious yummy recipes Dubai Halaal tried and tested 5
Chaska House 6
Suzi and shaz bite 8
My Halal Kitchen 9
Cape Malay Cooking 10

Top 10 Halal Food blogs

Top 10 Halal Food blogs

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun 1
AinyCooks 2
Laiji's Creative Corner 3
My Halal Kitchen 4
Yummy Food 5
Halaal Recipes 6
Cape Malay Cooking 7
Chocolate & Chillies 8
Halal Girl About Town 9
Cooking with Thas 10
Pakistan Recipes 10

Note: The final tally of votes have been arrived at by eliminating the votes that did not confirm to our voting rules.

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