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Six stats you should know about Muslim travel to the USA

Dec 2015

The Muslim travel to the United States of America has become a hot topic currently.  Below is how the USA numbers stack up in terms of the Muslim travel market based on the recent reports published by CrescentRating.

1. Muslim visitor arrivals to USA stood at 1.68 Million in 2000. This figure declined to 1.44 Million by 2005. Since then it has steadily increased.

2. Muslim visitor arrivals to USA in 2014 was around 2.57 million and the expenditure was USD 7.7 Billion

3. By 2020 Muslim visitor arrivals to USA is  projected to reach 4.45 million with an expenditure of USD 12.8 billion.

4. The top 10 source markets are Canada, Saudi Arabia, UK, Turkey, France, India, Germany, Egypt, UAE and Indonesia. They accounted for more than 70% of the total arrivals in 2014.

5.  MasterCard-CrescentRating Global Muslim Travel Index 2015 ranks USA at No. 8 among non-OIC destinations with a score of 47.3. 

6. MasterCard-CrescentRating Muslim Travel Shopping Index 2015 ranks New York at no. 5 among non-OIC shopping destinations with a score of 49.9.



Countries do not capture the faith/religion/spirituality/denomination of the visitor while entering the country. As such the Muslim visitor arrival figures are estimated by applying CrescentRating's Muslim Arrivals Calculation Model to the overall visitor arrivals as reported by the destination and/or UNWTO.

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