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GMTI report criteria for Muslim visitor arrivals

Sep 2015

One of the biggest indicators of the popularity of a destination is the volume of Muslim visitor arrivals. This is the first time this criteria has been included in the Index. The Muslim visitor arrival figures have been extracted by applying CrescentRating's proprietary Muslim Arrivals calculation model to the overall visitor arrivals as reported by UNWTO.

This study revealed that in 2014, the total Muslim visitor arrivals were 108 million - representing 10% of the entire travel economy.

The visitor arrivals used for this study are the total non-resident tourists who have entered the national borders of each selected inbound destination. The travel and tourism data provided by UNWTO is the primary source of data.

The scores for the Muslim visitor arrival criteria are based on the:

  • Total Muslim visitor arrivals
  • Percentage of Muslim visitors as a segment of total visitors

In 2014, 30 destinations accounted for 80% of Muslim visitor arrivals. The top country was Saudi Arabia. This included religious travel to Saudi Arabia.

  OIC 20 average Non-OIC 20 average GMTI40 average
GMTI score 65.8 47.7 56.7
Holiday destination 45.7 60.4 53.0
Safe travel environment 89.9 86.1 88.0
Visitor arrivals 29.8 15 22.4
Dining options and Halal assurance 81.8 44.7 63.2
Ease of sccess to prayer spaces 99.0 41.3 70.2
Airport facilities 76.7 44.2 60.5
Accommodation options 46.2 32.0 39.1
Ease of communication 58.7 51.6 51.2
Travel needs awareness and reach out 49.2 31.9 40.5


 To access the complete Global Muslim Travel Index 2015, please visit: http://gmti.crescentrating.com/mastercard-crescentrating-global-muslim-travel-index-2015-gmti2015.html


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