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GMTI report criteria for safe travel environment

Aug 2015

A safe and secure environment is key to attracting any tourist to a destination. Historically, empirical studies reveal a very high correlation between a safe travel environment and the number of tourist arrivals to a particular destination. Thus, a safe travel environment is an important catalyst when selecting a tourist destination to travel to.

The safe travel environment score is calculated from the perspective of a Muslim traveler. Two primary factors were considered when calculating the scores:

  • Travel alerts issued on a particular destination by UK, US, Australia and Canada
  • Muslim traveler safety

Travel alerts issued about tourist destinations were used as the primary indicator to ascertain the general security situation of a particular country, especially for travelers. These travel alerts not only covers the general safety and security situation of a country, but also other factors such as natural disasters and health epidemics.

For the Muslim travel safety metrics, extensive online research was done to check for incidents reported against Muslims. Many Muslim female tourists wear traditional Islamic clothing which can include the Hijab. In some cases the face covering, Niqab, is also worn. Any resentment prevalent at the destination for such clothing is also taken into account.

To access the complete Global Muslim Travel Index 2015, please visit:http://gmti.crescentrating.com/mastercard-crescentrating-global-muslim-travel-index-2015-gmti2015.html


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