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GMTI Report Primary Index

Jul 2015

GMTI40 tracks the average score of the top 20 OIC and top 20 non-OIC destinations to form a key index to monitor the performance of the Muslim travel segment throughout the year. The GMTI40 will be updated quarterly to provide frequent monitoring of the sector.

Currently, the top 20 destinations overall include only two non-OIC destinations, namely Singapore and Thailand. The GMTI40 will give a more balanced view of the Muslim travel segment.

A sign of encouragement for non-OIC destinations keen to attract this market can be gleaned by looking at Singapore, which came ninth in the overall rankings. This demonstrates the ability and potential for non-OIC destinations to attract the Muslim travel segment. A mention must also be made of Thailand, which has shown great improvement in the past few years and came 17th in the overall Index with a score of 60.3.

At the time of the release of GMTI 2015, GMTI40 stood at 55.9 with the overall average GMTI score for the 100 destinations at 41.6.

  OIC 20 Average Non-OIC 20 Average GMTI40 Average
GMTI Score 65.8 47.7 56.7
Holiday Destination 45.7 60.4 53.0
Safe Travel Environment 89.9 86.1 88.0
Visitor Arrivals 29.8 15 22.4
Dining Options and Halal Assurance 81.8 44.7 63.2
Ease of Access to Prayer Spaces 99.0 41.3 70.2
Airport Facilities 76.7 44.2 60.5
Accommodation Options 46.2 32.0 39.1
Ease of Communication 58.7 51.6 51.2
Travel Needs Awareness and Reach Out 49.2 31.9 40.5


To access the complete Global Muslim Travel Index 2015, please visit: http://gmti.crescentrating.com/mastercard-crescentrating-global-muslim-travel-index-2015-gmti2015.html


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