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How GMTI 2015 was created and how it became the benchmark for the Halal tourism industry

Apr 2015

Over the past four years, CrescentRating has evaluated destinations around the world and ranked them based on how well they cater to Muslim travellers. These rankings were enhanced in 2015 to introduce the MasterCard-Crescentrating Global Muslim Travel Index – a global index that combines MasterCard's knowledge of shopping and tourism with CrescentRating’s in-depth Muslim travel insights on destinations and travel services.

The Global Muslim Travel Index is an evolution of the CRaHFT (CrescentRating and Halal Friendly Travel) rating system which was presented by CrescentRating in 2011. The first ever Halal travel market research publication by CrescentRating in 2011 featured a list of the top 10 Muslim-friendly holiday destinations for the year. The rankings evolved over the years to include further information and travel data – including separate rankings for Muslim countries and non-Muslim countries. 

The Index for 2015 is the most enhanced and comprehensive research publication yet to be released and looks at in-depth data covering 100 destinations, creating an overall index. The MasterCard-Crescentrating Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) covers Global Indexes to track the growth of Muslim Leisure & Business Travel as well as a range of global, sector, regional and country GMTI benchmarks & indexes.

GMTI2015 provides invaluable travel insights and is an excellent tool for stakeholders in the tourism industry - specially for  travellers, tourism boards, economists, travel services providers, stakeholders, investors and industry specialists. It provides an excellent overview of how the Muslim travel impacts the overall travel market and helps to identify patterns and trends of the market segment.

The full report and more information is available online. Please visit: http://gmti.crescentrating.com/mastercard-crescentrating-global-muslim-travel-index-2015-gmti2015.html

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