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ILIOS Travel for Travel Services and Tours in South Africa

Nov 2017

ILIOS Travel has made its name as one of the top travel service providers in South Africa through the introduction of its wide range of tour packages. Having made an impact in South Africa, ILIOS Travel is a travel agency that has accreditation from CrescentRating. ILIOS Travel has successfully been a part of the travel industry for more than 20 years and has expanded to Durban, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and the Kruger National Park with the head office in Cape Town.

ILIOS Travel is responsible for providing diverse national tour programmes that feature significant landmarks, attractions and cultural experiences in South Africa. The tours designed by ILIOS Travel are designed to meet a variety of interests and travel preferences. Additionally, ILIOS Travel aims to provide Muslim travelers with some exceptional travel packages and services that are detail-oriented to ensure positive experiences.

ILIOS Travel can conveniently arrange customisable individual packages for Muslim tourists to have rewarding travel experiences. Currently, offerings from ILIOS Travel include spectacular Day tours to Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth and the Kruger region in South Africa. These particular packages are designed to provide tourists with visits to attractions, sights, interesting places and also promote thrilling activities for tour groups. ILIOS Travel also provides transport services for tourists that include private transfers and chauffeur services, as well as vehicle guide charter services from a fleet of luxury vehicles.

For travel packages that are more engaging, a good selection of Escorted Overland tours are on offer as well. These special tours will provide travelers with great experiences that include the scenic routes, wildlife experiences and visits to the amazing highlights of South Africa. Engaging tours to Krueger National Park are highly suitable for wild-life enthusiasts or for tourists who wish to view the natural beauty of South Africa. 

The tours and travel packages that are on offer will also ensure that tourists to the destination will learn more about the South African culture as well. From visits to cultural museums, heritage sites and experiences, ILIOS travel has carefully designed every package with the intention of creating an immersing experience for tourists. Another prime focus of ILIOS Travel is to generate a great deal of positive interest in South Africa as a tourist destination that is worth visiting and exploring. Experienced and trained professionals at ILIOS Travel are keen to ensure that tourists have outstanding travel experiences.


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