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Zakiya Habib - Halal Travel Consultant and Specialist

Mar 2016

Travel has evolved and so has the Muslim traveler. In the past Muslim travelers faced great difficulty traveling around the world and maintaining their Islamic requirements at the same time. Often Muslim travelers were offered inferior accommodation and service which would spoil the trip and leave the traveler with memories they would rather forget. 

Today that has changed and Zakiya works with a number of prestigious hotels and destination management companies to tailor make packages that provide excellent quality and service while focusing on the Muslim traveler’s requirements at all times. 

With Zakiya, travelers are able to choose from a variety of flexible individual packages as well as group packages – each carefully crafted to keep Islamic requirements and values at the forefront. Travel itineraries include a wide range of specialised tours for bespoke and luxury travel, be it an exciting adventure to a far out location, skiing in the best locations in Europe, exploring different cultures and experiences or just relaxing on the beach to soak up the sun.

Zakiya Habib is based in Dubai Media City in the United Arab Emirates and operates as a franchisee of Travel Counsellors. Zakiya specialises in arranging personalised travel itineraries and packages for all types of travelers – Muslim travelers in particular – and strives to help travelers craft their dream travel experience. Zakiya works with customers to plan and book trips, by being the single point of contact throughout the journey – right from the start of the trip until the very end. She is available around the clock, allowing travelers to contact her at all times.

For more information, please visit: https://www.crescentrating.com/tourpackage/agentdetail/41.html

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