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Mughal Safari for top-notch Muslim-friendly travel services in India

Aug 2015

Mughal Safari is one of India's finest travel service providers that offers a wide range of tour packages and services for travellers around the globe. With over 10 years of experience to its name, Mughal Safari has established itself a reputation for its excellent service and unique tour services. As an accredited travel agent of Crescentrating, it also offers a wealth of Muslim-friendly travel services, making it an excellent option for Muslim travellers.

Mughal Safari's services for Muslim travellers include customised Halal tour packages that have been carefully tailored to meet their specific religious requirements. Tour packages that are available ensure that hotel bookings are either capable of offering prayer facilities or are located in close proximity to a local masjid in the area. Tours also include sites of Islamic historical significance as well as Islamic events and conferences. Packages are available in the form of group packages or flexible individual packages.

In addition to handling cultural tours with luxury services, Mughal Safari is capable of orchestrating individualised holidays and business services - encompassing a wide range interests and activities. Special interest tours, study tours, incentive tours, business tours can also be arranged to various sites of interest across Agra.

Other services offered by Mughal Safari include:

  • Standard and custom tour packages
  • Airport, Railway Station transfers
  • Hotel reservations
  • Guide/escort facilities
  • Event Management

Based in Agra, the city of the majestic Taj Mahal, Mughal Safari aims to provide reliable and high quality services for tourists visiting India. It also aims to provide a platform for cultural awareness and heritage preservation in India through the promotion of responsible tourism.  

For more information, please visit: http://www.crescentrating.com/travel-agencies-for-muslims/3022-mughal-safari.html


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