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Travel Group Peru as the leading destination management company for Muslim travellers in Peru

Aug 2015

Based in Lima, Travel Group Peru is a leading destination management company in Peru that specialises in servicing travel arrangements for leisure, business as well as religious travel. It is an accredited travel agent of Crescentrating and offers a range of travel services for Muslim travellers.

Travel Group Peru's extensive knowledge and experience about worldwide market conditions and tourist resources - the Muslim travel market in particular - make it an excellent option for Muslim travellers around the world. For Muslim travellers, Travel Group Peru offers flexible individual packages as well as group packages to ensure hassle-free travel. Muslim travellers are able to choose from numerous Halal-friendly tours that have been carefully crafted and customised to meet the specific religious requirements of Muslim travellers.

As Peru's first fully-licensed destination management company, Travel Group Peru is backed by over 35 years of expertise in the field and strives to provide the best tourist services on the market. Its mission is to exceed customer expectations at all times with personalised attention, good communication and efficient service, while minimizing negative impact on the environment.

Travel Group (originally Nagi Tours) was founded in October 1980 with the purpose of attending the needs of the corporate travel market. With professionalism, experience, dedication and contacts established abroad, Travel Group has grown rapidly to become a leader in the industry of tourism in Peru.

For more information, please visit: http://www.crescentrating.com/travel-agencies-for-muslims/3041-travel-group-peru.html



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