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Halal Expo Indonesia (HEI) at ISEF 2023 Facilitates Business Expansion to Global Markets

Nov 2023

Jakarta, October 27, 2023 - As an international-scale trade exhibition and conference, Halal Expo Indonesia (HEI) featured a series of conferences and business-matching activities. This Business to Business and Business to Consumer exhibition, the largest of its kind in Indonesia, took place from October 25 to 29 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) and served as a platform to facilitate business entry into international markets.

Covering an area of 3,500 m2 in hall A, HEI hosted approximately 120 stands with participants from both local and international businesses. These included participants from countries such as Malaysia, Cambodia, Belarus, China, India, Egypt, Iran, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, the USA, Jordan, Japan, Turkey, and even Palestine.

Global Business Participation in Tapping the Indonesian Market

Many international exhibitors at HEI came to seek business partnerships and expand their marketing networks in Indonesia. One of these participants was PT Abie Isma Altra, an importing company that imports natural fruit juice products under the brand Caesar Jus from Saudi Arabia.

Husain Abie Isma, the Chief Commissioner of PT Abie Isma Altra, stated that they offered opportunities for individuals interested in becoming Caesar Jus distributors. During the HEI business matching sessions, Husain mentioned that at least two people were interested in becoming Caesar Jus distributors in Surabaya and Makassar. The payment mechanism for potential distributors was made flexible. "We will assess the prospects, and if it looks promising, we will ask for an initial commitment of around 30 percent payment as a distributor. For example, if they order one container, they can add 50 percent after the goods arrive. The selling price to consumers is Rp18,500. However, the distributor's price will be adjusted based on the order," he explained.

Another participant, Faheem Aref, the co-founder of Light Art VR, an American company offering Islamic virtual reality entertainment experiences, was looking for partners and franchise opportunities in Indonesia. Light Art VR creates 8K-resolution Islamic heritage content in various languages using virtual reality technology. The company provides visitors with unique experiences, allowing them to witness Islamic stories such as Makkah, the Hijrah, the story of Prophet Musa, the Mawlid of the Prophet, and the Isra and Mi'raj of Prophet Muhammad. With VR technology, users can not only feel like they are present at Islamic holy sites but also travel back in time to the prophetic era 1400 years ago. Users can experience movements, smell the Ka'bah, feel the wind, and more. For Muslims, this technology provides a groundbreaking opportunity to alleviate their longing to experience the holy lands and historic sites. During HEI, Light Art VR offered a promotional price of Rp785 million for one kiosk, including four movable seats and two non-motion VR headsets. Partners or franchisees can set up a 4x4-meter VR kiosk in malls or high-traffic areas. They won't need to pay an upfront fee for Light Art VR products; instead, they'll pay a 25% royalty on ticket sales.

During the HEI event at ISEF 2023, HalalTrip, as one of its exhibitors, also took the main stage to release their new application titled “HalalTrip App 7.0”. This new and refreshed version of HalalTrip App features a brand-new interface and Muslim-friendly tools to help Indonesians who are Muslim and active travelers who need an all-in-one app to fulfill their Muslim needs. During the HEI and ISEF 2023 events, HalalTrip has also included fun activities such as photo competitions, as well as launching the Indonesia Muslim Travel Index and Indonesian Microsite in the Internasional Halal Tourism Summit (IHTS) 2023 in a partnership with Bank Indonesia, Perkumpulan Pariwisata Halal Indonesia (PPHI), and other related parties. Signifying the rapid growth of the halal travel industry potential in Indonesia.

Boosting Local Businesses (UMKM/SME) Capability to Compete in the Export Market

Export aggregator companies also participated in HEI, assisting businesses looking to enter international markets in Dubai, the United States, Japan, and the Philippines. One of these companies was Usindo Exim Consultant LLC, an export aggregator from the United States. Ihza, the marketing representative from Usindo Exim, explained that they offered UMKM (small and medium enterprises/SMEs) in the fashion and craft sectors the opportunity to join a collaborative export program. Through this program, Usindo Exim would collect and transport UMKM products to the Indonesian Muslim Society in America (IMSA) and the Malaysian Islamic Study Group (MISG) exhibitions in Austin, Texas, USA, from December 23 to 27, 2023. "We help UMKM enter international markets, especially in the United States. However, due to longer delivery times, products eligible for collaborative export are those without risk of spoilage, such as fashion and crafts. In ISEF-HEI, there were many fashion products. They can join the collaborative export program with shipping costs under Rp20,000 per piece, with no minimum or maximum limits. The deadline for product collection is November 1, 2023,"

Ihza explained. If UMKM products don't sell during the exhibition, there are two options. First, they can be returned to Indonesia with the shipping cost borne by the UMKM. Second, the products can be stored in Usindo Exim's warehouse. UMKM can then sell the products online via Amazon or their website, with the items shipped directly from Usindo Exim's warehouse. Usindo Exim aimed to have at least 100 UMKM participate in this collaborative export program. "As of yesterday's update, we have 60 UMKM that have registered, either during the HEI business matching or before the exhibition," Ihza noted.

One of the UMKM businesses participating in the collaborative export program was PT Asa Pratama Kreasindo, with the brand Ainaras. They found the HEI exhibition helpful for expanding their business opportunities through business matching, allowing their products, including Muslim fashion items like prayer clothing, men's Islamic clothing, head coverings, knitwear, prayer rugs, hijabs, and travel prayer mats, to potentially enter global markets. They hoped that in the future, more foreign buyers would come to Indonesia, either through HEI invitations or government initiatives, to open up larger business prospects. "Alhamdulillah, we have reached a more significant business agreement with Malaysia. Regarding business matching at HEI, several countries have expressed interest, but discussions are ongoing," said one of the participants, Gita, from PT Asa Pratama Kreasindo.

PT Ganesha Abadi Tama, a spice and seasoning manufacturer located in Jatisampurna Bekasi, also felt the opportunity to explore export markets. Hendra Kurniawan, their marketing representative, mentioned that during the two days of business matching, they had established serious collaborations with four countries: Libya, the Philippines, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia. "Business matching has been very beneficial for our company, which has never exported before. Alhamdulillah, we have had the chance to be recognized by foreign buyers," Hendra stated.

Business Consultation and Adapting to Market Conditions

For businesses looking to expand their marketing efforts and improve their management capacity and product quality to remain competitive, they could seek consultation and partnership at the Halal Production House booth or booth Rumah Produksi Halal Bersama. This booth also showcased several UMKM products that are currently successful in foreign markets, such as Kaldu Kokot and Rasanesia Crispy Cassava, popular in Malaysia, Singapore, and Jeddah. According to Norman, the Halal Ecosystem Head from UMKM Halal Hub by Goorita, their mission was to provide guidance and support to UMKM in various regions, not only for continued success in domestic markets but also for expanding internationally.

During the HEI event at ISEF 2023, a partnership agreement was signed for product registration, import, and distribution between the Malaysian company PT Halagel Idaman Makmur, which produces halal consumer products like toothpaste and soft gel supplements using halal gelatin, and Agym Nutrition Sdn Bhd, which manufactures specialized energy supplements for sports enthusiasts and gym-goers. This partnership agreement was witnessed by Tn Haji Muhamad Amin Fahmi Solahuddin, the Chairman of the Malaysian International Islamic Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MIICCI), and Bapak Rachmat Sutarnas Marpaung, the Chairman of KPMI (Komunitas Pengusaha Muslim Indonesia). Since 2019, Halagel, through PT HIM, has initiated the distribution of its products in Indonesia, which had been temporarily halted during the pandemic. Halagel is currently reactivating its distribution activities in Indonesia, which are expected to begin in early 2024. At the same time, the Director of Halagel Group Malaysia, En Ahmad Mokhzani, expressed a desire to collaborate to develop Indonesian products to enter the Malaysian market.

Additionally, as part of ISEF-HEI 2023, a Business and Financing Deals ceremony was conducted to promote various products and Islamic financing cooperation among banks, non-banking institutions, partners, and customers. The total value of business and financing deals during the Islamic Finance Month (BPS) reached Rp 6.19 trillion.

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