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Crescentrating as a Keynote Speaker at PPHI and Disparekraf's Bimtek Event

Jul 2023

Jakarta, July 10, 2023  Perkumpulan Pariwisata Halal Indonesia (PPHI), in collaboration with Dinas Pariwisata dan Ekonomi Kreatif (Disparekraf) DKI Jakarta, once again organized the Technical Guidance activity entitled "Innovation for Sustainable Muslim-Friendly Tourism Development." with the aim of developing sustainable Muslim-friendly tourism in Indonesia.

The event was attended by various players in the tourism sector, such as ASITA, ASTINDO, ASPPI, HPI, PPHI, DKI Jakarta's Local Government Agencies (SKPD), members of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI), members of the Indonesian Recreation Park Business Association (PUTRI), halal tourism communities, and several businesses from neighboring Malaysia.

The main objectives of the Bimtek event are to enhance the understanding of Muslim-friendly tourism, improve the capabilities of tourism practitioners and human resources, adapt to post-pandemic and digitalization changes, and increase competitiveness.

The Bimtek event is expected to serve as a platform for understanding and implementing the concept of Muslim-friendly tourism in businesses and destinations. Additionally, this event was organized as a follow-up event to Indonesia's success in regaining the top spot on the Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) on June 1, 2023, in Singapore, which was issued by Mastercard and Crescentrating. 

“Muslim Friendly Rating for Services and Facilities in Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality Segment" session

During the event, Crescentrating participated as a speaker in the “Muslim Friendly Rating for Services and Facilities in Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality Segment" session in preparation for DKI Jakarta Province's Global Benchmarking Program, an International Rating Program for the Quality of Products and Services in Muslim-Friendly Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality Segment. 

During this session, Tawfiq Ikhtianto, Research Analyst at Crescentrating, shared about the role of Muslim-Friendly Tourism Rating and Recognition to maximize the opportunity and benefit from the growth of the Muslim travel market. In the presentation, Tawfiq also gave a glimpse of how the ideal Muslim-Friendly services and facilities are expected to be, how to improve them, and the current market situation according to the reports and data findings from the 2023 edition of the Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI). 

tawfiq ikhtianto, research analyst

With the current key demographics of halal travel (which include Muslim Millennial Travelers, Muslim Women Travelers, and Gen Z Travelers), having extensive insights, industry intelligence, lifestyle behavior, and research on the needs of the Muslim traveler in all aspects of the market to destinations, organizations, and businesses worldwide becomes an important point in improving the Muslim-friendly and halal travel industry. It is therefore emphasized that a standardized rating and accreditation for the Halal/Muslim Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality segments are required for the improvement and advancement of the industry. One of the examples is by getting Crescent rated with Crescentrating, which offers ratings on the overall Halal-friendliness of a hotel, restaurants, and other establishments. 

As the 2023 Indonesia Muslim Travel Index (IMTI) is currently underway and will be announced in October 2023, this event will hopefully stimulate the further development of Muslim-friendly tourism in DKI Jakarta. Making DKI Jakarta one of the primary destinations for Muslim-friendly tourism in Indonesia, resulting in increased foreign tourist revenue and local revenue from domestic tourists, thus contributing to the success of Jakarta and Indonesia.


Visit this link to read and download the previous IMTI, GMTI, and our other reports!

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