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Crescentrating, PPHI, and Bank Indonesia Successfully Conducted IMTI 2023 Workshop

Jun 2023

Jakarta, 2 June 2023 Bank Indonesia invited Crescentrating and Persatuan Pariwisata Halal Indonesia (PPHI) to speak at the IMTI 2023 Workshop held at the Pullman Jakarta as a preparation for the launch of the Indonesia Muslim Traveler Index 2023 report. Attended by government officials and other related stakeholders, the workshop was held to help all stakeholders and the local government tourism board with the data collection and to have a better understanding of the goals of this year’s IMTI.

IMTI 2023 Relaunch and Scope

fazal bahardeen, ceo of crescentrating and halaltrip

The workshop was a part of the road to relaunching the Indonesia Muslim Traveler Index (IMTI), focusing on bringing new insights and highlights to the halal tourism industry in Indonesia. The Indonesia Muslim Traveler Index 2023 edition is a report curated by Crescentrating and Persatuan Pariwisata Halal Indonesia (PPHI) in partnership with Bank Indonesia, supported by Kementerian Pariwisata dan Ekonomi Kreatif (Kemenparekraf), Masyarakat Ekonomi Syariah (MES), and Komite Nasional Ekonomi Syariah dan Keuangan Syariah (KNEKS). It will be the 3rd edition of IMTI after the previous release in 2018 and 2019.

In an effort to increase Muslim-friendly tourism and as an effort to analyze the capacity and capabilities to grow this market in Indonesia, this edition of IMTI will analyze data across 15 provinces in Indonesia, offering comprehensive insights into the Halal travel segment in these regions. The report would highlight areas the tourism industry must address to become the leader in halal travel, including offering more inclusive products and services.

The 15 provinces that would be benchmarked in the IMTI 2023 are as follows (in order from west to east):

  1. D.I. Aceh
  2. Sumatera Barat
  3. Riau
  4. Kepulauan Riau
  5. Sumatera Selatan
  6. Bangka Belitung
  7. Banten
  8. D.K.I. Jakarta
  9. Jawa Barat
  10. Jawa Tengah
  11. D. I. Yogyakarta
  12. Jawa Timur
  13. Kalimantan Selatan
  14. Sulawesi Selatan
  15. Nusa Tenggara Barat

The relaunch and workshop are also targeted to gain a comprehensive understanding of how to welcome Muslim travelers and highlight areas in the tourism industry to cater better to Muslims through Muslim-friendly amenities and general infrastructure. Finding an effective way in terms of promotion efforts, benchmarking each province's readiness, and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of Indonesia’s halal tourism industry would be the main focus of the launch and the workshop of the IMTI report.

Fazal Bahardeen, CEO of Crescentrating and HalalTrip, stated that Muslim travelers, both local and international, are a key growth potential in Indonesia, as proven in Indonesia's top position in the Global Muslim Travel Index 2023 (GMTI 2023). There are a lot of aspects that Indonesia could maximize and benefit from in order to be the leader in the Halal industry and Muslim-friendly tourism while improving the local economy and business. 

Data Collection and ACES (D) Model

tawfiq ikhtianto, research analyst of crescentrating

With the introduction of IMTI and Indonesian standings in the Halal industry, Tawfiq Ikhtianto, Research Analyst at Crescentrating, also introduced the use of the ACES (D) Model that would be implemented in this edition of IMTI. A model that is adapted to suit domestic or localized use from the one that is used in the Global Muslim Travel Index report. The ACES (D) model would assess each province or selected destination across four key criteria: Access, Communications, Environment, and Services.

During the data collection for this report, the local government tourism board, along with PPHI would be involved, while Crescentrating would be responsible for the analysis and processing. 

Visit this link to read and download the previous IMTI, GMTI, and our other reports!

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