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Malaga Strengthens its Position as a Halal Destination with an Edition of Malaga Halal Travel Guide

Jan 2023

Consisting of 16 comprehensive pages in English, Malaga in collaboration with HalalTrip releases the first Halal Travel Guide in Spain.

Madrid - 18/01/2023 - The mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, accompanied by the Councilor for Tourism, Jacobo Florido, presented the Halal Travel Guide this morning on Fitur 2023 Madrid. Curated and edited by the Malaga Tourism Board and HalalTrip, one of the leading operators of this tourism segment, which has headquarters in Singapore, this edition would be the first halal guide publication in a Spanish destination.

Aimed at Muslim-friendly tourism, the Halal Travel Guide informs potential travelers to Malaga, which includes museums, monuments, gastronomy, accommodation options, shopping areas, tourist attractions, places of worship, and among other aspects.

With the Halal Travel Guide, "we take a step forward to increase tourism with its lots of potentials, which is very attractive due to the legacy that Islamic culture left in Andalusia in general and in Malaga in particular" said the mayor, Francisco de la Torre, who also emphasizes that the action is also aimed "at penetrating remote markets such as Asia and the Middle East, in which we have already been working hand in hand with alliances such as Andalusian Soul".

This digital guide can be downloaded from HalalTrip's website as well as sent to recurring customers. The guide includes in-depth information for tourists and how to get to know Malaga by traveling around the city in five days, encouraging a prolonged stay in the city, which is especially suitable for long-distance markets.

The Halal Travel Guide with the motto to 'Indulge in the Jewel of Spain', is available in English with 16 pages in full color. The guide also features photographs of the main landmarks of Malaga and infographics to ease and facilitate the orientation and navigation and realization of the routes throughout the city.

Spain, Best Emerging Muslim-Friendly Destination of 2022 (Non-OIC)

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Spain was recognized last June as the best emerging Muslim-friendly destination in 2022 (Non-OIC) through the Halal in Travel Awards, through which destinations, companies, organizations, and people who have excelled in the promotion of this tourism segment are recognized.

In Spain, the increase in the purchasing power of many Muslims has aroused the interest of companies and administrations for halal tourism. Spain is in the top ten among non-Muslim countries that arouse the interest of tourists.

It is not surprising that according to the Global Muslim Travel Index, developed in 2019 by MasterCard and Crescentrating, it also reflects the potential of Spain and is considered the third most attractive European destination, only behind the United Kingdom and France.

The majority of Muslim tourists come from neighboring countries: Algeria, Turkey, or Morocco; but the influx of travelers from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Indonesia is also growing exponentially.

Halal tourism attracted and moved more than 130 million people around the world, being an expanding market thanks to the existence of growing Islamic economies with purchasing power, which also grows in population.

According to Halal International Tourism, it expects tourism spending to reach $274 billion by 2023 and more than 14% of global tourism spending.

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