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Crescentrating’s Halal Friendly Travel Ranking to be announced in January 2012

Oct 2011

Crescentrating will announce its Halal Friendly Travel Ranking 2012 (CRaHFT Ranking 2012) at the beginning of January 2012. Having published its Top 10 Halal Friendly Holiday Destination for 2011 last year, it will expand its ranking to 8 categories for 2012.

CRaHFT Ranking 2012 will cover Holiday Destinations, Airports, Shopping Destinations, Beach Destinations/ Resorts, Islamic Art Museums Collections, Mobile Apps, Food Blogs and Restaurants. This year, Crescentrating will also have its reader's choice ranking in all eight categories. The voting for the reader's choice is already open, ending on 11th December 2011.

Some of the nominees by the readers for Destinations include the UAE, Singapore, Bosnia, and Malaysia, while some of the most Halal-friendly airports identified thus far hail from Thailand, South Africa, and Qatar. Shopping and beach Destinations are popular categories, with Dubai, Sri Lanka and Turkey being some of the nominated. Various Islamic Art Museums and Mobile apps have been nominated, and Halal Food Sites and Restaurants are a hit with foodies worldwide. The last day to add a nominee to the readers is October 31, 2011

"Our annual CRaHFT Ranking will highlight the growing awareness by the Travel services/destinations to accommodate Muslim lifestyle-friendly aspects in their products and services," said Fazal Bahardeen, CEO of Crescentrating. Crescentrating plans to further expand the ranking categories in its 2013 edition.

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