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BiH: A picture perfect destination

Jan 2012

Crescentrating and the Agency for Halal Quality Certification join hands to uncover the beauty of Bosnia & Herzegovina through a photography contest. Residents are urged to snap a photograph of any location in Bosnia & Herzegovina to share with the rest of the world. The photograph should show the beauty of BiH - and keep in mind beauty is in the eye of the beholder so that participants can get creative! Whether it's of the streetlight outside, or of the Vrelo Bosne filled with people, participants could submit their photograph and stand a chance to win a dinner for two at the Restaurant Terasa.

The Restaurant Terasa is in Sarajevo and offers great home-style meals for years. It recently became the first-ever Halal-certified restaurant in the Balkans and was categorized as a "Diamond", the highest category available.

Nermin Hadzic, the Head of Marketing and PR at the Agency for Halal, said, "As residents of BiH, there are so many things and places we find beauty in that the everyday tourist does not get to see or experience. We're hoping to introduce them to these places with amazing photographs."

Shahnaz Zakkir, the Marketing Manager of Crescentrating, was pleased with the opportunity to work with the Agency for Halal and said: "Bosnia & Herzegovina has so much to offer. We are amazed at the beauty that can be found (there), and we are keen on revealing how much of a great holiday destination the BiH is. This is a great opportunity for everyone to get involved."

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