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CrescentRating announces the Top 10 Halal Friendly Airports for 2012

Jan 2012

Crescentrating, the Singapore based world leader in Halal Friendly Travel, announced the top 10 Halal Friendly Airports among the OIC and non-OIC countries. With the rapid growth of this segment of travelers, traveling not only for Hajj & Umrah, but also for leisure, business and healthcare, more and more Airports are beginning to cater to their basic needs.

The 2012 Ranking was compiled based on the surveys and feedback on Halal friendly facilities available to Muslim passengers such as Halal food availability, availability of prayer and ablution facilities in these airports.




The availability of prayer facilities and Halal food facilities are a lot more common in the OIC countries. Some of the additional facilities in the airports in OIC countries ranged from entire mosques and to an entire terminal dedicated to Hajj pilgrims.

Although halal food and prayer rooms suitable for Muslims are not as common in non OIC countries, more and more Airports are making those services available now. Most Airports offer multi-faith prayer rooms. Halal Food availability is also increasing at the Airports now.

"With Airports being more than just a place to catch your next flight, we hope more Airports around the world will take into account the needs of the growing segment of Halal Conscious travelers passing through their Airports" said Azhar Preena, Business Development Manager at Crescentrating.

Crescentrating's Halal Friendly Travel Ranking (CRaHFT Ranking) was first launched in 2011 with its Top 10 Halal Friendly Holiday Destinations for 2011. Now on its 2nd year, the 2012 Ranking is expanded to cover more categories.


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